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Saturn Opposite Jupiter

Hurry Up and Wait.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: insecurity, cautious optimism, restlessness
Frequency: Once every 12 years. Duration: 4 months (seems long! But Jupiter moves average 30 deg. per year: one third = 10 degrees and 4 months)

The transit rolls around only once every twenty years and when it does, it gets our attention. The Jupiterian themes of growth, faith, adventure and travel come head to head with Saturnian concepts of limitation, responsibility, restrictions and fear. The future is limited by the past.

How do we humans cope with these conflicting concepts? We must balance work and play -- and it won't be easy. We've got big plans for the future, but reality gets in the way, forcing us to take the slow road when we want the fast track. Someone's unloading big work on us. If these were fun jobs, we wouldn't mind, but they're not. If we’ve squandered our resources, now we find we have hardly anything left. We have to regroup and rebuild, and the results will happen later, not now. We're torn between risk and safety, and under this influence, safety wins. If we feel disrespected, there’s a pretty simple formula to follow: Give respect and get respect in return. It's not easy but it works! We should hold off on major financial decisions right now, because our judgment is not at its peak.

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