Saturn-Mars Aspects

Saturn Conjunct Mars

Diminished Drive.

Keywords: angry, frustrated, lonely

This can be a humdinger of a transit for some of us. At best, we’ll apply our limited drive purposefully and with focus. At worst, we’ll have diminished energy and we’ll feel irritable, inhibited and angry, feelings for which we won’t have a ready outlet. Most of us will respond somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. It’s like trying to drive with the emergency brake on: We want to move forward, but something is impeding our progress, as if someone were deliberately keeping us from reaching our destination. Authority issues can rear up today; we don’t like being told what to do by our so-called superiors and may struggle to quell inner rebellion and frustration. This is a good time to work hard on tasks that only you can do, especially projects that require attention to detail, concentration and organization. We may find that our sex drive is diminished, but only temporarily.

Saturn conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn conjunct Mars in the Transit Chart

Saturn Sextile Mars

Cautious Daring.

Keywords: focus, effort, discipline

This is an outstanding period in which we can accomplish a great deal of hard work. We act responsibly and display organization and efficiency, with a keen attention to detail. Now’s the time to map out the entire plan for a new project, including every step and detail. Nothing escapes our attention, nothing is overlooked, and our timing is excellent. Focused, practical and careful about our energy expenditure, we plan our days well and execute everything on our to-do list, in the time frame allotted. It’s a miracle! At the end of the week, we give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. Even if the rewards and consequences are not immediately obvious, we understand and accept that good work today gives positive results later. We’ll endure the hardship now to receive the benefits later. In the midst of all this work, we have to remind ourselves to keep up our exercise routine.

Saturn sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn sextile Mars in the Transit Chart

Saturn Square Mars

Blocked at Every Turn.

Keywords: cynicism, insecurity, restlessness

This can be a highly frustrating two-week period when we feel too easily repressed, blocked and inhibited. Our energy and drive are diminished and we just don’t feel our usual pep or vitality. What’s worse, when we try to do something, it’s like we’re obstructed at every turn. Circumstances, events and other people seem to seem to unite or even conspire against us. It’s beyond annoying! Anger wells up inside, yet we’re unable to do anything effective about it. Feelings of rage and impotence quickly turn into bitter cynicism. As if this weren’t bad enough, we can even experience problems in our sex lives, even if that’s an area that usually flows smoothly. Any sort of authority figure annoys us now, too, even when they're right -- no, especially when they're right. This whole scene can get very tiring very fast, and we may feel like giving up and going home in defeat. Well, sometimes that’s smarter than clinging blindly in dogged stubbornness.

Saturn square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn square Mars in the Transit Chart

Saturn Trine Mars

Cruise Control.

Keywords: good timing, stamina, practicality

All the necessary components flow together now, creating the right circumstances for an industrious period when many long-term projects are planned, launched and developed. We're in the right place at the right time to take advantage of all available know-how. Focus, hard work and concentration are highlighted for this two-week period, permitting us to fulfill our responsibilities perhaps even ahead of schedule. We should use this ability to our best advantage. Our timing is spot-on, our goals realistic and our expectations practical. It’s a time of constructive action. Organizational and administrative tasks come together more easily than usual now; smart leaders will use this period to keep their followers happy and motivated. At some point, we need to leave work; then it’s time for us to attend to our bodies. Do your regular workout, but slower and longer to build stamina, strength and endurance.

Saturn trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn trine Mars in the Transit Chart

Saturn Opposite Mars

A Big Headache.

Keywords: tension, frustration, defensiveness

Confrontations and unpleasantness are oh-so-likely under this challenging aspect. It’s David and Goliath -- the little guy vs. the corporation -- a motorcycle against a tractor-trailer. It’s a pretty sure bet who’s going to win (that David thing, after all, was a fluke). So the big guy walks away with a self-satisfied smirk and Mr. Common Man in the Street is left feeling impotent, enraged, bitter and cynical. It demands a lot from us in order to extract its highest potential of responsible action and controlled will. We must learn to overcome fear with courage, to control our anger and focus our desires. In the short term, we should try to avoid arguments and defensiveness, even if someone else disagrees with us. There are better ways to resolve disputes. Resentment is not helpful, nor is a ‘scorched earth’ policy. It may be best simply to hang out by ourselves as much as possible in order to avoid confrontations with others.

Saturn opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn opposite Mars in the Transit Chart

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