Saturn-Jupiter Aspects

Saturn Conjunct Jupiter

Controlled Growth.

Keywords: change, learning, balance

This important conjunction happens regularly, at twenty-year intervals, and for the foreseeable future, the two planets will be in air signs when they join up. In ancient times, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was known as the Great Chronometer; it was a major marker of the passage of time. Its effect on the mundane world is one of restricted or controlled growth. Do we expand or cut back? On many levels, this aspect is a test of faith. On a personal level, particularly for those people whose charts are triggered by the conjunction, enthusiasm and exuberance are well balanced by thoughtfulness and practicality. This is a good time to examine the past (Saturn) for clues to the future (Jupiter). We have the big picture and all the details are filled in, too. An increase in respectability, social status and prestige can be expected now, but just because we move in the upper levels of society doesn’t mean we should be blind to the underclass. Status and integrity open doors for us wherever we go. Financially speaking, this is a better time to start a savings account than to blow our nest eggs.

Saturn conjunct Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn conjunct Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Saturn Sextile Jupiter

Cautious Optimism.

Keywords: confident, practical, careful

During this infrequent but potent transit, we work in practical ways to build our future. We're disciplined, focused and pragmatic. Nothing can keep us back when our goals are so clearly in focus and we have a step-by-step plan for achieving them. We’re able to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth and utilize them to the best of our ability. The future looks bright. This is a great time to invest with an eye to long-term gains. Our timing is good and taking a calculated risk now pays off later, in spades. We take a careful and organized approach at this time, yet we’re not afraid to demonstrate authority and leadership; and these qualities are quickly put to good use. We are wise in adapting our means to the ends we want to achieve. Our industrious and hardworking attitude gives us satisfaction in the present and paves the way for positive results and material success in the future.

Saturn sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn sextile Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Saturn Square Jupiter


Keywords: downsizing, confusion, restlessness

Ouch. Big Daddy Jupiter moves into a tense square with severe Saturn, putting strict limits on all the fun, travel, expansion and adventure we usually expect from Jupiter. What we want to do interferes with what we should do. What we actually do is a measure of our maturity (ah! a Saturn test). We struggle to envelop both the big and the small, the inner and the outer. The answer, of course, is somewhere in middle, but it may be a difficult balance to find during the course of this influence. Restricted growth is to be expected at this time and any of us could be affected by corporate downsizing, either directly or indirectly. Even if we keep our job we can expect more work and increased responsibilities due to others' losses. We are forced to adjust to strict time limits, too many rules, guilt and just plain old bad luck. If we can develop perspective and avoid the confusion of mood swings, inconsistent expectations and authoritarian behavior, it will go a long way toward helping us develop the maturity and patience we need to get through times like these.

Saturn square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn square Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Saturn Trine Jupiter

Prudent Expansion.

Keywords: responsibility, growth, future success

This transit doesn’t roll around that often, but when it does, it gives us plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. We can break through limitations to make significant progress on our long-term goals. Time spent on introspection clarifies our long-range intentions. We work slowly but steadily toward our futures and are able to accomplish an incredible amount. Purpose and action are aligned and ambitions are stimulated. Prudent expansion in both our personal and professional lives is well indicated; it’s a time to get bigger, but not too fast. Following this sensible plan will increase our respectability, social status and prestige, and will elevate our leadership potential. There’s no question that we will act with integrity and responsibility. This is an excellent time for financial transactions of all types, but particularly for investments that favor slow long-term gains rather than risky short-term increases. This transit increases our maturity level and tolerance for people who are different than we are.

Saturn trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn trine Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Saturn Opposite Jupiter

Hurry Up and Wait.

Keywords: insecurity, cautious optimism, restlessness

The transit rolls around only once every twenty years and when it does, it gets our attention. The Jupiterian themes of growth, faith, adventure and travel come head to head with Saturnian concepts of limitation, responsibility, restrictions and fear. The future is limited by the past. How do we humans cope with these conflicting concepts? We must balance work and play -- and it won't be easy. We've got big plans for the future, but reality gets in the way, forcing us to take the slow road when we want the fast track. Someone's unloading big work on us. If these were fun jobs, we wouldn't mind, but they're not. If we’ve squandered our resources, now we find we have hardly anything left. We have to regroup and rebuild, and the results will happen later, not now. We're torn between risk and safety, and under this influence, safety wins. If we feel disrespected, there’s a pretty simple formula to follow: Give respect and get respect in return. It's not easy but it works! We should hold off on major financial decisions right now, because our judgment is not at its peak.

Saturn opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn opposite Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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