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Saturn Conjunct Sun

Individual Leadership.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: serious, sober, preoccupied
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

This is a serious day. Self-discipline and ambition are peaking; hard work now pays off in spades -- later. People aren’t in the mood for frivolity; there’s too much to do!

Individual responsibility is key. We’re more focused now than usual, self-managing and ready to tackle mundane tasks that we ordinarily avoid. No one wants to squander energy, so just about everyone will make it a point to work hard and do a good job. Working by ourselves is more effective than trying to work with others. Business meetings are fine, though, because we’re able to articulate goals and formulate a plan and time frame for achieving them, one step at a time. The results of today’s labor will be practical, high-quality and long-lasting. Serious consideration leads to profound realizations. Focus on staying grounded and aware. We may feel pessimistic or cynical today, but we shouldn’t permit ourselves to look exclusively at the dark side.

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