Pluto-Venus Aspects

Pluto Conjunct Venus

How Deep Is Your Love?

Keywords: possessiveness, manipulation, fascination

How deep is your love? You're going to find out, for better or for worse. This transit is renowned for bringing jealousy and greed right to the surface, from their depths in our psychological history. Let’s consider jealousy. For those in committed relationships, even if we have no reason to distrust our partners, we may feel as though we can't let them out of our sight or we have to know everything they're doing. These are sure signs we need to relax, let go and develop inner trust. Those feelings are coming from us, not them. People who don’t have a sweetheart may find themselves filled with sexual energy. Talk about distracting! Amazingly, all that lower-chakra mojo can be redirected into other areas, with incredible results. We've got plenty of self-control; we just have to use it! How about turning that drive and intensity toward earning some money? Resources flow today, be they inner or outer.

Pluto conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto conjunct Venus in the Transit Chart

Pluto Sextile Venus

Hard to Resist.

Keywords: belonging, emotional intensity, magnetism

This is an excellent energy that strengthens deep relationships, helps us understand peoples’ motivations and spurs creative output. We exude charisma, recognize power and respond to animal appeal. Able to see beyond the obvious to what's below the surface, we grasp how others feel and operate and can use this understanding to accept a difficult person in our lives. Seeing the reality of the situation helps us deal with it differently. Personal connections are highlighted now; even casual relationships have their purpose. All of them touch us at a deep level at this time. We feel powerful and creative, leading to a day of productive output and valuable work. Financial savvy and insight can help us recognize and take advantage of excellent investment opportunities. And physically, that kinetically attractive magnetism we feel makes us hard to resist. Enjoy!

Pluto sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

Pluto Square Venus

Emotional Archeology.

Keywords: obsessive, manipulative, needy

Ancient, unconscious flotsam and jetsam float to the surface today and, like a small invisible devil whispering in our ear, plant nagging doubts and secret suspicions that quickly loom large. We find ourselves scrutinizing our closest companions, wondering if they’re really where they say they are, and is that email relationship really all that innocent? Compulsive, obsessive, jealous thoughts run repeatedly through our minds. And based on what? Nothing but age-old and terribly outdated psychological history. Some emotional archeology is in order. Transforming these urges to control and manipulate others frees up our intense, amazing creative ability. This is not the time to cling to the past. People change and situations change. The more we resist, the worse it is. Our intuition about money and investments is telling us to hold back right now. Listen. And trying to buy someone off in a not-so-subtle attempt to guilt-trip or manipulate them is off-limits too. We can be on either end of the offer.

Pluto square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto square Venus in the Transit Chart

Pluto Trine Venus

Sizzling and Seductive.

Keywords: magnetism, confidence, transcendent sex

Like the Pied Piper, we could entice the snakes from our town and lead them all away (but let’s leave the children at home this time). We could even convince an Eskimo to buy snow. It's all in the presentation, after all. We emanate confidence and exude charisma. We’re self-possessed. And when we’re in this condition, it's hard to resist our advances -- or our sales pitches! Funny thing is, just about everyone is feeling this persuasive under the current sizzling, seductive transit. Nothing is fluffy for us today. We want the depth, the intensity, the dirt. It all strikes a chord deep within us. Our psychological perceptions are keen so we grasp others’ motivations and our capacity for love and passion are greatly increased. Money sense is strong now, too, enabling us to zero right in on the best financial investments and protect our existing resources. Artists find themselves producing profound and powerful works.

Pluto trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto trine Venus in the Transit Chart

Pluto Opposite Venus

Sizzling Intimacy.

Keywords: fated, obsessive, erotic

Remember the mantra, beloved by psychologists everywhere, that ‘you can only change yourself’? Never is that statement more applicable than the several days each year when we’re under the influence of this particular transit. This is all about learning to recognize which relationships in our lives are unequal in power, and more importantly, what role we play in this imbalance. Figuring this out can be a real roller coaster of emotions, and projection of the most undesirable parts of ourselves onto others, especially our intimate partners, is an almost unavoidable part of this transformative process. We can be on either side of control issues, manipulation or a domineering personality. Ancient history is dredged up, inviting us to penetrate the distant past and finally see the source of certain profound relationship problems. Once thing must be said, however: Major breakthroughs in behavior can occur now, as well as sizzling intimacy once that breakthrough is achieved.

Pluto opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto opposite Venus in the Transit Chart

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