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Pluto Trine Saturn


Kelli Fox

Keywords: taking control, personal transformation, strength
Frequency: Once every 14 years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

At this time, we want to build something of lasting value, and we’re willing to work long and hard to make it so. Part of this process involves examining the past and recognizing any baggage that may need to be released. We refuse to carry those burdens anymore.

Things come to an end that need to end at this time; it's a natural part of our evolution. In effect, we become our own inner authority. The releasing of this baggage leaves us lighter, freer and more able to accomplish our grand goals. This is an excellent time to tackle deep and sticky issues. Research and painstaking effort pay off with great rewards, even if they are somewhat delayed. We have the endurance and fortitude to wait for the benefits of our current activity. We are disciplined, focused and tough. When we perceive an injustice, we work to correct it. Although our resources may be somewhat limited right now, we’re able to adjust ourselves to this fact and not suffer too greatly because of it. This transit is excellent for developing inner strength and resilience.

Pluto trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto trine Saturn in the Transit Chart

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