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Pluto Trine Jupiter

Magic Carpet Ride.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: significance, big picture, deep happiness
Frequency: Once every 6 years. Duration: 4 months (seems long! But Jupiter moves average 30 deg. per year: one third = 10 degrees and 4 months)

At this time, personal ambition should take a back seat to the greater good. We should sign up for situations that will facilitate both while encouraging us to look at the deeper significance of our personal missions. This is a time of purification.

We are totally on board with the changes we need to make to improve our lives. In fact, we can’t wait to get going! We see how something old could be radically improved. This is the perfect time to participate in a project to restore a local building, save a historical piece of architecture or rehabilitate a declining community. Recycling is a better use of resources than tearing things down and building anew. Even publicizing the event goes well, because all types of promotion, marketing, broadcasting and publishing are favored at this time. We seek the truth now and the search can be remarkable. We must beware, however, if we’re certain we’ve found it, because at that point we cease to be seekers and become fundamentalists. And then we’re in trouble! Money matters go well now. Luck and research combine for an excellent financial forecast.

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