Pluto-Sun Aspects

Pluto Conjunct Sun

Go for the Burn (But Don’t Burn Out).

Keywords: charismatic, domineering, powerful

Complex power issues crackle in the air today as long-hidden secrets and other information bubble to the surface. Right now, our focus and passions are much more laser-like than usual. We go for the burn, but if we’re too dogmatic, forceful or stubborn, we can easily burn out. It’s so tempting to look around with a critical eye and see what everyone else is doing wrong, but remember, a person can only change themselves, no one else. Our desire to improve something will be strong, but this energy can be used in a positive way by focusing it inwardly rather than allowing ourselves to focus it unconsciously on others. We’ll fearlessly look inside today and will be willing to tackle ugly jobs. We're not afraid of getting dirty, either, so we can dig right in on a major cleanup, whether on an external or internal plane. People in power may seem even more domineering than usual, yet to some, such power is very sexy and charismatic. Avoid obsessiveness today.

Pluto conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto conjunct Sun in the Transit Chart

Pluto Sextile Sun

Strength and Focus.

Keywords: magnetic, personal power, sexual

This is an excellent time to direct our powerful energies toward worthy endeavors. Much can be accomplished today, because our no-nonsense ambitions drive us to work hard. Folks feel strong and focused now, making this a good time to recommit to projects and relationships that are already established but may be floundering. There is a strong-willed energy right now and people cannot be swayed from the tasks they’ve set out for themselves. Opportunities will present themselves for activities that increase dynamic personal power. By all means, take full advantage of them so that you don’t waste this cosmic opportunity to improve and achieve. Perception is heightened today, too, making it hard to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Some strange truths may emerge that could make you feel uncomfortable at first, but later they’re likely to turn out to be important clues to a much bigger picture.

Pluto sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto sextile Sun in the Transit Chart

Pluto Square Sun

Power Struggles.

Keywords: domineering, aggressive, emotional

Yikes. Power struggles are practically unavoidable today and it could be quite an emotional time as a result. This week is all about power plays that will seem to come out of nowhere, and they could blow up really fast. No one feels particularly flexible, and we certainly don’t want to be told what to do. So when our bosses or partners challenge us, it seems much more loaded than it normally does. We take everything personally, even when it’s not meant that way. What to do? Be part of the solution, not the problem. Accept a challenge or difficult task. It won't be pretty but it will demonstrate that you can do the dirty work. Since loss of power or control is a huge unspoken fear right now, do what you can to address and assuage those fears. Don’t engage in compulsive behaviors, because doing so will certainly undermine your personal power.

Pluto square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto square Sun in the Transit Chart

Pluto Trine Sun

Recognizing Resources.

Keywords: honesty, sexuality, intensity

This is a no-nonsense day that is best used by grabbing a task by the horns and getting it done. Folks find new resources that may have been there all along but weren’t recognized as such. Those new resources will come in handy in both professional and personal realms, as we prepare ourselves to take a deeper look inside and clean up and clear out any long-standing problems we’ve been dealing with. This doesn’t have to happen out in the open; in fact, keeping issues contained actually increases the potency of the remedy. Honesty is the best policy now, because we’re looking for authenticity of emotion and experience, not just the same old line -- and we will recognize the difference. Perception is heightened today, too, making it hard to pull the wool over people’s eyes. This is a good time to rededicate ourselves to our goals and ambitions.

Pluto trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto trine Sun in the Transit Chart

Pluto Opposite Sun

A Struggle for Control.

Keywords: intense feelings, unpleasant, transformative

Intense power and control issues are brought to the fore today in ways that everyone can see. We’re darned if we do and darned if we don’t. We try to stick up for ourselves in the face of challenges, all the while trying to avoid appearing overbearing or controlling. Small issues become major upheavals. See things for what they are; go for the real problem and don’t focus on the trigger. Whatever the issue might be, it reflects a real and probably complex and well-established source of anxiety inside us, one that needs to be faced with courage if we ever want it to be resolved. This is a good day to work alone and thereby avoid confrontation as much as possible. Don't butt heads with authorities and other people of influence, because they’re likely to react with a strong arm. Give them what they want and they'll let you through.

Pluto opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto opposite Sun in the Transit Chart

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