Pluto-Moon Aspects

Pluto Conjunct Moon

All Things Intense.

Keywords: intensity, possessive, rebellion

There’s a feeling of intensity in the air today as the Moon makes a clandestine meeting with powerful Pluto, bringing old feelings and issues right up to the surface but not quite through it. There’s a lot of unconscious behavior on the part of many people who feel or sense this influence but can’t articulate it, much less direct or utilize it. Possessiveness and obsession are very common reactions. With the right person, sexual passion can be quite mind-blowing now. With other people, control issues are more likely to be the manifestation of this short-lived but potent transit. In a therapeutic situation, great progress can be made in processing deep emotions.

Pluto conjunct Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto Sextile Moon

Emotional Compost.

Keywords: intuition, perceptiveness, consciousness

Our perceptions are noticeably sharpened under this brief transit and much can be perceived in a short amount of time. Our intuition is increased and our vision is keen. Powerful emotions can surface now, which are best discharged through exercise or processed in a heart-to-heart talk with someone close. Even if the feelings are unpleasant, we quickly move through them to find their source and illuminate it. Therapeutic progress is actually easy during this transit because we’re willing to look fearlessly inside and dig up the muck, which then becomes compost to enhance future personal growth.

Pluto sextile Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto Square Moon

Power Plays.

Keywords: jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation

Attempts at coercion and secret manipulations occur behind the scenes during this challenging energy. Hidden feelings lurk just below the surface, waiting for opportunities to spring into unconscious action. Complicated emotions such as jealousy, possessiveness and obsession may be on full display during this brief period. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, so we can and should be on the lookout for these troubling manifestations. Some folks feel the urge to consolidate or exert their own personal power through controlling behavior, and they’ll act offended when others don’t fall into line. With this knowledge, we can deflect such power plays until this time is over, in a few short hours.

Pluto square Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto Trine Moon

Inner Vision.

Keywords: deep attraction, sensitivity, self-analysis

This brief period of intensity offers the perfect opportunity to look deep inside and perform some thoughtful self-analysis. This is far preferable to psychoanalyzing other people, who might not even be aware that we’re doing so. To avoid the urge to play armchair psychologist, grab the metaphorical flashlight and follow your own fears down to their powerful core. The result is insight and improved understanding of the self, which gives us freedom to make better choices in personal behavior. This is also a great time to lend a listening ear to a friend or loved one with a problem, for we have a depth of understanding and sensitivity that may be lacking at other times.

Pluto trine Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto Opposite Moon

Emotional Awareness.

Keywords: conflicting emotions, intensity, manipulation

Emotional control issues surface very easily during this intense once-a-month transit, brief though it is. Fortunately, at this time we’re able to become more aware of our issues through our interactions with others. We can be on either the giving or the receiving end of manipulation, possessiveness or jealousy, and each of these represents a different image of attempts to control another person. Labeling these actions for what they are will help us identify and eradicate them, and replace them with more authentic, mature responses. Don’t be secretive. Emotional honesty and depth are the promises of this transit.

Pluto opposite Moon in the Compatibility Chart

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