Pluto-Mercury Aspects

Pluto Conjunct Mercury

A Laser-Like Mind.

Keywords: intelligent, perceptive, attuned to mystery

This transit brings razor-sharp mental capacities into full utility and sharpens our perceptions and our attention to detail. It’s the best time possible to research or investigate any subject of interest. With laser-like focus we can get immediately to the heart of the matter, eliminating superfluous details. We express ourselves with equal clarity, on point and in focus. Opinions run strong and we can be quite passionate about expressing them. This ability to persuade others comes with a caveat: Be careful what you’re preaching. We may get offended when someone disagrees with us or challenges our ideas. A gentle reminder that other people can have a different opinion than our own will prevent us from getting hot under the collar or from spouting a sarcastic comeback. A study of ancient mysteries or old, long-hidden texts is most rewarding now.

Pluto conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto conjunct Mercury in the Transit Chart

Pluto Sextile Mercury

Digging Under the Surface.

Keywords: probing, intimate, deeply familiar

We won’t be satisfied with surface explanations today. Small inconsistencies in any story line will alert us to dig deep under the surface to find what we’re looking for. We’re keenly observant, inclined to probe beyond the obvious and intent on getting to the heart of the matter. Little will escape our scrutiny. Even unspoken messages, conveyed through body language, glances or innuendo, cannot escape our eagle-eyed vision. Mysteries appeal to us, both real and fictional. In the end, oddly enough, truth is often stranger than fiction. We are very passionate, even opinionated, about what we say now, and we certainly don’t want to be challenged on our ideas. We can use our powers of persuasion to move our agendas along -- honestly, of course. Integrity of motivation is crucial right now. We should be careful what we ask for, since we're likely to get it.

Pluto sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto sextile Mercury in the Transit Chart

Pluto Square Mercury

Mental Obsession.

Keywords: suspicion, obsession, overanalysis

Obsessive thinking can be a problem today. We can all too easily become mental pit bulls, tenaciously clinging to our points or our opinions, despite all sorts of information to the contrary. We just hate being challenged. Instead of lashing out, remain calm and listen. We don’t have to agree. Keeping an open mind is both a struggle and a good mental exercise, but it is possible. Let’s not push our opinions on others, either, unless they ask. If someone else is overbearing, tell them politely to cork it. Letting our suspicions get the best of us is another danger of this transit, along with the tendency to overanalyze. Rather than suspecting someone else’s hidden motivations, we should peer into our own. Under no circumstances should we follow urges to stalk or follow another person, or even peek into their email or phone history. And we should be alert to being the object of this behavior, as well.

Pluto square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto square Mercury in the Transit Chart

Pluto Trine Mercury

A Way with Words.

Keywords: personal power, acute mind, observant

This is a great time for participating in public speaking engagements, giving presentations at a meeting or teaching complex lessons. Our minds are sharpened and our organization flawless; our intelligence peaks under this mental transit. We speak with authority, inspiration and conviction at this time, so others are easily swayed to our point of view. We have a way with words that is lacking at other times. One thing to watch for is obsessive or circular thinking. We've got the mental discipline to move beyond it, and we should. We can see what no one else sees right now, so it’s a good time to volunteer for a research project or investigation. This is also an excellent time to read a self-help book or consult with a therapist, because we aren’t afraid to look inward, and accurate self-understanding is the satisfying result.

Pluto trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

Pluto Opposite Mercury

I Spy.

Keywords: penetrating, obsessive, manipulative

Minds are keen and words are sharp under this penetrating mental influence. We want to probe deeply into any subject or issue that comes up. Laser vision leads right to the source of the trouble and quickly locates a solution. Mental obsession or suspicion can be a real issue today; some folks will seize upon an idea and won’t let go. We should be alert to miscommunications and prevent others from cunningly twisting our words or otherwise misrepresenting us. If that should happen to you, identify the mental manipulation and clarify yourself. Recognize propaganda for what it is, because this type of misinformation is very likely to cross your path today. Anyone with communication issues is going to try to pin them on someone else at this time; projection is all too easy now, as are zealousness and dictatorial behavior. Don’t give in to suspicious thinking or manipulative arguments. Keep a clear mind.

Pluto opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto opposite Mercury in the Transit Chart

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