Pluto-Mars Aspects

Pluto Conjunct Mars

Power Drive.

Keywords: controlling, focused, passionate

No one will be lacking energy, motivation or drive for the duration of this transit, which lasts about two weeks. In fact, the issue is likely to be too much energy of a particular sort: power and passion, above and below the surface. The two make a formidable team. As a result, we’re so ambitious and purposeful that we bulldoze anyone who happens to be in our way. Once we’ve decided what we want, we’re willing to work as long as it takes to get it. Anger is a common issue now. Many of us have deep pools of unconscious rage just waiting to explode, and now is the time to make progress in that area -- meaning, learning to control it. Once we work through our rage, we engage in controlled action that becomes profound, meaningful, creative and valuable. We feel great satisfaction from doing heavy physical work or from a hard workout. Remember that this transit can actually be somewhat dangerous, so if our travels take us to scary neighborhoods, go with caution and bring a companion.

Pluto conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto conjunct Mars in the Transit Chart

Pluto Sextile Mars

A Sense of Purpose.

Keywords: ambition, purpose, self-discovery

During the two weeks that this energetic transit lasts, we powerfully apply our energy toward a long-term goal designed to bring positive change. Opportunities that we seize and actions taken now benefit far more than just ourselves. The results ripple out and touch many many others. This is an opportunity to really overhaul certain areas of our lives. Remember, change is good. We should think of it as improvement and embrace it. Sometimes all it takes is a simple question. When we follow the answer through to the end, it turns out to be more profound than we had originally thought. Be aware that all the drive and ambition we feel can mask quite a bit of hostility or rage. When our little game of bumper cars gets more intense than we planned for, we know we’ve got more anger inside than we thought. Don’t let it become destructive. All in all, this is a very favorable time to direct our energy into purposeful action.

Pluto sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto sextile Mars in the Transit Chart

Pluto Square Mars

What Was Hidden Is Suddenly Revealed.

Keywords: intimidation, manipulation, destructiveness

This can be quite a doozy of a transit. Lots of unconscious power and rage issues are brought to the surface, like a big boil waiting to burst. And just like that tender flesh, we are hypersensitive. Hurt feelings quickly give way to rage. We have to develop a better way to deal with these emotions or they’ll become dangerous as we lash out at others or try to control them through use of force. The fact is, we can't conceal our hidden aggression forever. If we don't give it voice, it will pop out most unpleasantly. Unconscious ego drives can produce terrible behavior, including manipulation, covert actions or outright power grabs. We use a sledgehammer when a screwdriver would do. We’re willing to fight to the death over -- what? Strange sexual urges can manifest now, too, because anger and passion are easily confused. And authority issues? Don’t even go there. Don’t mess with the powers-that-be right now. Just do what they say and remember, it will all be over soon.

Pluto square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto square Mars in the Transit Chart

Pluto Trine Mars

Change Comes from Within.

Keywords: reform, self-assessment, ambition

Passion and purpose unite for the two weeks that this transit lasts and we an accomplish an incredible amount of work and progress during this time. This is a good period to work on long-range plans and ambitions. Create a plan for self-improvement and start without delay. We’ve got a good sense of what’s possible now, even if we know it will be difficult. We don’t shirk from long hours, sustained effort or grueling tasks at this time. Endurance, patience, stamina and ambition are the gifts of this energy. Strategy, too. We know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. There never was a better time to trust our gut. Our command of ourselves offers a shining example of leadership and self-control to those around us. At the end of the day, dancing and drumming both offer excellent ways to release and yet embody this intense energy. A vigorous workout in which we push ourselves to the limit feels very satisfying, and if we’re partnered, sexual healing increases intimacy and connection in powerful ways.

Pluto trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto trine Mars in the Transit Chart

Pluto Opposite Mars

Power Exchange.

Keywords: controlling, manipulative, obsessive

Life can suddenly feel like a fight for survival during the two-week interval of this intense transit. Power struggles, compulsive assertions of control and even physical confrontation stretch us all beyond our usual limits of endurance. Extreme authority issues surface now and we tend to take an immediate dislike to anyone in a uniform. We're sure they're on a power trip -- and we're right! The lower someone’s rank, the more likely they are to engage in power plays. Odd, isn’t it? The point is, disagreements, arguments and even outright conflict are all distinct possibilities, because the upshot of this transit is the Little Guy versus the Big Guy. Obsession and fixity of purpose make us all quite inflexible and uncooperative. We tend to react in knee-jerk responses instead of purposeful action, and rage is the backdrop against which this occurs. Perhaps it’s better to go it alone as much as possible during this time. When more than one person is involved, there’s just too much we can’t control. Also, keep in mind that the end does not justify the means. Let ethical behavior inform all our actions.

Pluto opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto opposite Mars in the Transit Chart

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