Pluto-Jupiter Aspects

Pluto Conjunct Jupiter

Knowledge Is Power.

Keywords: intensity, self-betterment, insight

Every twelve years or so, these two powerful planets come together in a potent conjunction that indicates economic changes, intense power grabs, hidden resources coming to light, fanaticism and potential reform. This is one of those times when hints of the future lie in the past. Previous activities that occurred behind the scenes or under the surface are now publicized for all to see, for better or for worse. Revelations, scandals, power plays and attempts at manipulating the System are revealed, and legal ramifications are a definite possibility. On a personal level, individuals are affected too. We speak convincingly; our deep beliefs give us the power of persuasion. When we talk, others listen. Conviction and dedication are easy to relay at this time and we get right to the point without messing around. Direct language is the best way to reveal our insight. We are one with our position; once we decide something, we aren’t likely to change. We don't like to be challenged, either. Since both these planets relate to money, this is a good time to make financial decisions. Careful, well researched investments pay big dividends down the line.

Pluto conjunct Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto conjunct Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Pluto Sextile Jupiter

Compelled to Excel.

Keywords: insight, idealism, charisma

Our ambitions, convictions and desire to excel are all stimulated during this relatively infrequent but important transit. This is a perfect time to examine and perfect any methods we’re using to advance ourselves. When an opportunity for a change comes along, we should jump on it, because the results will be better than we expect. Our will to succeed is so strong, we’re virtually unstoppable. We have faith, determination and the willingness needed to dig deep and work hard to achieve our goals. Research goes very well now. This is also a great time to examine previously hidden motivations, because we’re now willing to look at the underpinnings of our belief systems. With this newfound knowledge, we can become wonderful, inspiring lecturers or teachers. Of course, just because we know more than most people doesn't mean that we know everything about everything. A little humility is in order, even if it’s difficult to muster up. Our money sense is very good now, so this is a key time for judicious spending and reasonable investing.

Pluto sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto sextile Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Pluto Square Jupiter

My Way or the Highway.

Keywords: overconfident, excessive, obsessive

Well, well, well. Things aren’t going quite as smoothly as we’d hoped. Although the drive to succeed is very strong and we feel perhaps a bit too confident, it seems that everyone keeps getting in the way of our potential success. It feels like ‘they’ are out to get us. This is what conspiracy theories are made of! We just can’t put things into proper perspective. Small things seem big and big ones seem minor. In this confusion, we don't cope well with a change of plans. When we start to feel rigid, it’s time to let it go instead of clinging stubbornly or trying to direct the situation. We can learn to accommodate, and this will be a necessary skill to get past this period successfully. Control can be a big issue. If someone starts digging around in our business, we grab the reins and ask probing questions of them. That deflects the questions away from us temporarily but makes others suspicious. It could be that our big plan is nothing but a house of cards. If someone blows hard enough, they could knock it down, a collapse that could be very embarrassing. Concern over resources and their potential lack is another issue. Remember, there’s enough to go around.

Pluto square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto square Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Pluto Trine Jupiter

Magic Carpet Ride.

Keywords: significance, big picture, deep happiness

At this time, personal ambition should take a back seat to the greater good. We should sign up for situations that will facilitate both while encouraging us to look at the deeper significance of our personal missions. This is a time of purification. We are totally on board with the changes we need to make to improve our lives. In fact, we can’t wait to get going! We see how something old could be radically improved. This is the perfect time to participate in a project to restore a local building, save a historical piece of architecture or rehabilitate a declining community. Recycling is a better use of resources than tearing things down and building anew. Even publicizing the event goes well, because all types of promotion, marketing, broadcasting and publishing are favored at this time. We seek the truth now and the search can be remarkable. We must beware, however, if we’re certain we’ve found it, because at that point we cease to be seekers and become fundamentalists. And then we’re in trouble! Money matters go well now. Luck and research combine for an excellent financial forecast.

Pluto trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto trine Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Pluto Opposite Jupiter

Mine, Mine, Mine!

Keywords: obsessive, arrogant, self-righteous

This infrequent transit is all about resources and the ability (or lack thereof) to share them. Clearly, the sharing part is difficult, no matter how abundant the assets. Whether it’s spoken or not, the clear message is ‘mine, mine, mine!’ And that’s not the only issue. We can feel overconfident at this time and have a propensity to take unwise risks. Rampant speculation can lead to squandered resources and heartbreaking losses. This is not the time to gamble or to speculate. We must be very aware of others’ attempts to manipulate or coerce us. And we shouldn’t try that ourselves, either, although we’re rarely aware of our own subconscious motivations. Unspoken and unrecognized expectations create problems in our relationships, both professional and personal. Yet another area of stress is that of faith: Our beliefs may be tested, and to whatever degree we are dogmatic or fanatical, we’ll encounter resistance from others. Remember, cramming our viewpoint self-righteously down another's throat only alienates them further. There’s got to be a better way! That’s the trick of this transit, which, if fully realized, can help us tolerate another’s viewpoint instead of condemning it.

Pluto opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto opposite Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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