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Pluto Conjunct Saturn

An Agent of Change.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: intensity, manipulation, possessiveness
Frequency: Once every 28 - 29years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

There are two main effects of this rare and extremely potent conjunction: recession and war. Its energy is all about the collapse of the existing order and the shape of the new order that replaces it. Consider the three Saturn-Pluto conjunctions of the 20th century: 1914, which coincided with World War I; 1947, which saw a worldwide recession and the start of the Cold War; and 1982, which brought economic stagnation, the Iran-Iraq War and the invasion of the Soviet Union into Afghanistan.

This transit is an agent of change and indicates a period of uprooted order and upheaval, political unrest, purging of the past and limited resources. What starts as a simple crack in the dam develops into a wholesale collapse. This is a heavy period that generally induces a lot of hand-wringing, worry and pessimism. We worry about not having enough of anything, so the natural reaction is to conserve, and even hoard. This is the type of transit that is larger than any one individual; it affects large groups of people. On a personal level, our best bet is to stay informed, avoid control issues and make it a point to remain flexible. Circumstances beyond our control may force us to develop inner strength and endurance.

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