Neptune-Venus Aspects

Neptune Conjunct Venus

Hopelessly Romantic.

Keywords: illusion, consumed, idealism

Life feels like one long happy romantic movie during the course of this sweet transit. It is, of course, only an illusion: several days of pink smoke and mirrors; ephemeral, enchanting and all too temporary. We live in a daydream, consumed by our idealistic visions of the perfect world. Fortunately, there are ways to bring this ideal existence down to the earth plane: the arts. Music is the sublime language of the heavens. Listen and you'll be transported. Beautiful images entrance us and we are more sensitive to them at this time, so making collages, leafing through art books or visiting a gallery fulfills the siren song of this transit. We may also focus on improving our image or appearance; spending money on clothes, cosmetics and a new hairdo is fine now, as long as we don’t overpay. And if we find ourselves swooning over some new romantic connection, let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

Neptune conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune conjunct Venus in the Transit Chart

Neptune Sextile Venus

Dream a Little Dream.

Keywords: intuitive, sensitive, tender

No one is going to feel particularly disciplined today, so let’s not be too hard on ourselves. We feel passive and receptive rather than active or assertive. Instead of work, all forms of creative expression are highlighted -- art, music, nature and even romance. We need soft lights and quiet music, nothing loud, rude or jarring. We are too easily influenced now, enchanted by images and distracted by glamour. Fantasies are far more compelling than reality, so it’s all too tempting to live in that ideal dream world than deal with the everyday, mundane details of our lives. For those of us in relationships, we feel tender and affectionate toward our partners and these emotions are returned sweetly. Single folks find themselves imagining the perfect lover and perhaps even seeking that person out, but don’t run off to Vegas till next week, when reality has replaced the delicious dream we’re living in now.

Neptune sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

Neptune Square Venus

Daydreams or Inspiration?

Keywords: idealistic, unrealistic, disappointment

Mysteries call us today and it's hard to turn away from their siren song. Then reality rudely intrudes into our dreamy illusions. How dare it? Keep in mind that one person’s daydream is another’s inspiration. It’s all in how you view it. So let’s not be so quick to dismiss the beautiful images flowing through our brains from our fertile imaginations. Since we cannot keep our minds on our work, we should be sure to keep the valuables locked up. We’re inattentive at the moment and someone could take advantage of that. Not just inattentive, either: We’re also gullible, impractical and half-asleep. Be careful with spending; money slips through our fingers now like grains of sand. In romance, we’re all too likely to ignore any red flags raised by small details of speech or behavior. If we don’t pay attention now, we’ll regret it later once our illusions are revealed for what they are.

Neptune square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune square Venus in the Transit Chart

Neptune Trine Venus

Caught in a Daydream.

Keywords: compassion, tenderness, selflessness

This is not a high-energy day. Rather than tackling our task list with gusto, instead we’re caught up in a daydream, fantasizing about the perfect romance or our weekend plans. It's a very creative time, though. Hopefully that will give us something to work with. Compassion flows now and we’re easily able to tap into it. So if anyone seeks us out with a problem they need to talk out, we listen with great sympathy and understanding, even if we can’t provide a solution. Spiritual needs are strong at this time and seeking out reverence and quietude gives a calm, centered feeling. Alternatively, the desire to escape the workaday world could be indulged. A romantic novel or movie would be the perfect choice. Do resist any temptation to indulge in drinking or drugs. We're hypersensitive and don't know when to quit. Another option: Spend some quality time with a friend or loved one.

Neptune trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune trine Venus in the Transit Chart

Neptune Opposite Venus

All that Glitters...

Keywords: projection, expectations, disillusionment

We can easily be led astray by folks with unclear motives for the few days this spaced-out transit lasts. Things are not as they seem. We’re passive and receptive and we have a hard time saying no. Our judgment can be impaired to the point that we don’t know when enough is enough. We tend to live in a daydream instead of focusing on our everyday tasks, and often those daydreams are centered on someone attractive. Fantasizing about someone creates psychic connections, but under the current energy it's an invasion of their personal space, to be avoided whenever possible. Instead, engage in a favorite creative hobby, which not only diverts the tendency to daydream but also provides us with something tangible at the end of the day. Energy is quite deflated now and we feel neither practical nor organized. There's no getting around it, so we should simply do the best we can.

Neptune opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune opposite Venus in the Transit Chart

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