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Neptune Trine Saturn

Making Dreams Come True.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: fantasy, dreams, fulfillment
Frequency: Once every 14 years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

This rare transit enables us mere earthlings to transcend boundaries, manifest our creative urges, learn about nonattachment to the physical world and make our dreams come true. Idealism inspires practicality and we make our compassion real by providing selfless assistance to those in need. This can even be a period of sweeping political changes that happen without a lot of fuss, and that’s rare!

The most important thing at this time is to articulate our dreams and wishes, because then they have a far greater chance of actually becoming reality. Not that everything is totally rosy in this picture; there can also be quite a bit of idealization of authority as well as a failure to recognize necessary lessons and important boundaries. At worse, we relinquish the reins of power or weigh down the situation with passive control. Artists fare well under this transit, especially when they muster up the dedication and discipline to keep at their craft when they’d rather go out for a beer. Generally, though, an inner finger wags until they get back to the drawing board, as it were. It’s time for each of us to find enchantment in the world.

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