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Neptune Trine Mars

Acts of Charity.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: selfless, calm, generous
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

We're nothing but dreamers, or so say our partners and friends now. We can totally surprise them by putting our dreams in motion at this time. There are so many ways we can effectively use the selfless, generous energy of these two weeks.

Our sense of compassion is stimulated now and we’re willing to donate our time and energy -- our most valuable assets -- to people and groups who need it. Working with a nonprofit business, spiritual group or any organization whose tenets we believe in is an excellent way to subsume ourselves in this benevolent energy. The only caution is not to give too much. Where's the boundary between self-sacrifice and martyrdom? We may toe the line at this time. Creative energy spikes now, so artists of any breed find themselves in a flurry of new ideas and work. Take a break to dance. Put on some of your favorite music, push back the furniture and move your body. If there’s a romantic date on the calendar, head off to an adventure flick.

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