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Neptune Square Saturn

Undermining Authority.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: disappointment, disillusionment, confusion
Frequency: Once every 14 years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

For the several months of this transit, the established authority struggles against enemies it can neither see nor define. It’s certain that something is attempting to dissolve the grip of power that the current establishment holds, but the nature of this dissolution is impossible to determine. The reaction of the authorities is predictable: They will attempt to tighten the grip, increase the rules and clamp down on any type of creative -- and therefore dangerous -- endeavor.

But this won’t work for long. As the establishment squeezes, the offending ideas simply slip through their fingers, leaving them empty-handed, surprised and resentful. If only they knew how futile such resistance is to the force of change. This nebulous energy will dissolve the established power the way water wears away a rock. In this battle between the realists and the idealists, the latter will always win -- eventually.

Neptune square Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune square Saturn in the Transit Chart

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