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Neptune Sextile Mars

Low Energy, High Compassion.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: sensitive, intuitive, daydreamy
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

For two weeks, we may feel a little strange and disconnected without understanding why. We’re passive and responsive rather than assertive. This transit does not enhance physical energy or initiative; it redirects our attention to a softer, more intuitive and dreamy existence.

We’re sensitive to unspoken language and have an increased sense of compassion. We're there at the right time to offer help to someone who needs it, or we may take on the role of champion of the underdog. Charity, acts of service and donating our time and energy are all extremely effective ways to use this energy. Water sports is another: Go swimming or for a walk around the lake or on the beach. Creative endeavors go well now, but at work and in our personal lives, we may find that we’ve made too many plans. Narrow down the list to the single-most important thing and focus on that. Get plenty of sleep at night.

Neptune sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune sextile Mars in the Transit Chart

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