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Neptune Opposite Saturn


Kelli Fox

Keywords: limitations, confusion, disappointment
Frequency: Once every 28 - 29years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

This transit only rolls around every thirty-five years or so. When it does, it usually has three exact passes over the course of several months -- and each pass is a doozy. What we have here is nothing less than established authority facing off against an invisible but potent enemy, one it can’t define, contain or defeat.

They push it down here and it pops up over there. They attempt to squash it and it seemingly evaporates. It leaves the establishment exhausted, undermined and impotent. There is extreme polarization, but which side is the Good Guy and which side is the Bad Guy is up to interpretation. These are forces that are bigger than any individual person and operate mostly on the larger political or corporate plane, although that may indeed involve many people. It’s like water wearing down a rock, or perhaps more like a flood in the capital city. The upshot is the dissolving and washing away of the status quo and the established structures. It’s a swabbing of the decks, a cleaning of the slate, a big storm that blows down old trees. It paves the way for building something better.

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