Neptune-Moon Aspects

Neptune Conjunct Moon

A Veritable Tropical Island.

Keywords: dreamy, romantic, nostalgic

Forget trying to work for the few hours that this transit lasts. Our minds will be off on a tropical island somewhere, while our bodies are still in the chair. Sweet memories infuse our consciousness and distant daydreams beckon on the horizons of our minds. If we’re not lost in a nostalgic recollection, we’re imagining our dream romance. The urge to escape everyday reality is almost irresistible right now, so why not give in? We all deserve a break once in a while, and the Moon is telling us that now is the time. Go to the cinema, listen to soothing music and connect with your inner self at the soul level.

Neptune conjunct Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune Sextile Moon

Subtle and Sweet.

Keywords: nurturing, sensitive, dreamy

This energy is very subtle but very sweet. Only the most sensitive among us will observe it and use it. Intuition is heightened and there is a soft, dreamy feeling in the air. Our compassion is aroused so we feel inclined to press coins into beggars’ hands, take home the puppy in the store window and listen sensitively to a friend sharing a problem. This is not the time to try to focus on practical tasks, because our minds are easily distracted and prone to daydreaming. We should drink lots of tea and water so our bodies stay well hydrated.

Neptune sextile Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune Square Moon

A Vulnerable Position.

Keywords: vulnerable, delusion, oversensitive

We’d be best off if we avoided making business and personal decisions until this short transit is over, because we could easily misread even the clearest information or misinterpret the issues at hand. Our perceptions are clouded at this moment and we’re in a vulnerable position. We can be deceived because of it. Plus, our attention wanders off again and again as we succumb to the escapist tendencies this influence inevitably brings. We’re oversensitive and may misconstrue what others say. This is a good time to lay low and utilize our preferred method for staying grounded. It’s particularly important to avoid addictive substances and behaviors right now.

Neptune square Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune Trine Moon

Finding the Spirit.

Keywords: compassion, intuition, creativity

This short transit is very subtle but the most sensitive among us will be able feel and utilize the compassionate, intuitive energy it represents. Our spirits are drawn back to the Source for these few hours, so any type of spiritual practice is highly effective now because we can move to that centered, quiet inner place very quickly at this time. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, church services, reverent prayer, even just sitting quietly out in a serene natural setting -- any and all of these important but oft-forgotten balms from daily life will help us feed our souls. The escapist urge could be strong for people who don’t recognize the call of the spiritual.

Neptune trine Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune Opposite Moon

Pink Smoke and Mirrors.

Keywords: idealization, misperception, disappointment

Avoid business decisions during the course of this short transit if you possibly can, for most of us don’t have the data or other concrete information we need to make the best choices. In fact, we could easily be deceived right now. Our ideals and dreams operate like blinders to the truth. Misperceptions are almost certain to occur, with subsequent disappointment. It’s best to avoid important responsibilities today and trot out our favorite spiritual practice instead. A soul yearning provides the impetus we need to realign ourselves on our soul path. Escapist tendencies will be powerful now, particularly for the less attuned.

Neptune opposite Moon in the Compatibility Chart

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