Neptune-Mercury Aspects

Neptune Conjunct Mercury

In Tune with the Heavens (But Not the Earth).

Keywords: intuitive, confused, idealistic

It’s going to be difficult to stop daydreaming today and this holds true for just about everybody. We’re in tune with the heavens, but the earth...not so much. Be sure to record any powerful dreams or sudden inspirations that you receive under this strongly intuitive transit, which only lasts a few fleeting days. The imagination is stimulated and it’s very easy to let it get the best of us, with mental wanderings far and near. Not all those journeys are positive! People with a naturally suspicious nature can spend too much time apprehensively dwelling on dark possibilities, none of which are based in reality. The rest of us find ourselves forgetful or inattentive. Miscommunication abounds. Avoid negotiations and contracts today since few of us have all the facts. On the other hand, artistic expression, prayer, and occult and spiritual activities get a boost with this mystical visionary energy.

Neptune conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune conjunct Mercury in the Transit Chart

Neptune Sextile Mercury

Creative Opportunities.

Keywords: creative, dreamy, sensitive

This is a day better spent on spiritual or creative pursuits than on anything requiring mental discipline, which will be in short supply. We’ll be drawn more toward the unseen side of life, and at times like these, it's important to remember to feed our souls. Trying to keep our feet on the ground in anything other than a physical sense is pretty much a lost cause. When we find our minds wandering, we can bring them gently back to the present. But realize that just about everyone is more suggestible, sensitive and dreamy than usual. Miscommunications can easily occur, so be sure to speak in complete sentences so everyone else knows exactly what you're talking about. Instead of getting frustrated with your lack of focus, it’s better to go with the flow and experience the integration of creativity, imagination and spirituality that can occur under this subtle, intuitive energy.

Neptune sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune sextile Mercury in the Transit Chart

Neptune Square Mercury

Don’t Sign on the Dotted Line.

Keywords: misleading, illusions, disillusioned

For a few days, folks feel irritable and annoyed without understanding the reason for it. Look no further than this pesky trickster transit. The smallest things annoy us now: a leaky faucet, the smell of a strong perfume -- things we ordinarily just let go. Miscommunications are very likely. Be as clear as possible, but understand that we might still have to explain ourselves tomorrow. We gather information, but don't trust the source. This is not the time to be swayed by pretty words and empty promises; these will be revealed for what they are once this transit is over. In the meantime, under no circumstances should we sign on the dotted line. We’re missing some vital information and our discrimination is at a low. We are too easily misled and deceived. We feel vague, nebulous and disorganized. Hypersensitivity leads to easily hurt feelings. Our imagination very strong but our grip on reality is weak.

Neptune square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune square Mercury in the Transit Chart

Neptune Trine Mercury

Write, Call or Send Smoke Signals.

Keywords: dreamy, perceptive, sympathetic

Under this subtle but dreamy transit, we may feel that we don't need words to communicate. All we need is a kindred mind, and those will be easy to find during the next few days. Write, call or send smoke signals; any and all forms of communication should get through to the intended recipient at this time. Mental discipline is nowhere to be found at the moment; instead, our minds easily travel beyond the limits of the physical world into the realm of the spiritual. It's so very close, after all! Compassion is gently stimulated now, so lend a sympathetic ear to anyone who needs it. It doesn’t cost you anything and it helps the other person feel heard and understood. Our wellspring of creative energy also gets a boost at this time. Let your mind wander. Try some free association to gain new insight into an old problem.

Neptune trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

Neptune Opposite Mercury

Confusion Reigns.

Keywords: confusion, oversensitivity, weakness

Communication suffers and confusion reigns during the few days this transit is in effect. Despite our best attempts to get our point across, we often have the feeling that no one understands us. When confrontation arises, we take evasive action. We want no part of controversy or arguments. Let’s hope that no decision-making will be required today, either. If it is, a coin toss might be the best way -- at least it’s objective! Whatever information we have or gain during this time is likely to be incomplete or inconclusive. We’re more gullible than usual, and our judgment isn’t up to par. We’re flooded with idealistic but highly improbable ideas. We can even be deceived under this nebulous influence, so if you receive an offer that seems to good to be true, remember -- it probably is. For most folks, the worst thing that will happen is feeling absentminded and indecisive.

Neptune opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune opposite Mercury in the Transit Chart

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