Neptune-Mars Aspects

Neptune Conjunct Mars

Evaporated Energy.

Keywords: confusion, mild depression, restlessness

Strange goings-on pervade our consciousness and the world at large. We’re all under the same mysterious and drifting energy for two weeks. Although we’re passionate about an ideal, we aren’t likely to pause to examine the worthiness of that ideal. And that passion isn’t likely to extend to the physical realm, except maybe for sex. We’ve got plenty of fantasies and the desire to fulfill them; but remember, often the fantasy is better than the reality. Otherwise, our usual physical pep and vigor has evaporated. On most days during this transit, we make several feeble attempts to get things going, but when they go nowhere, we quickly give up. At work, shortcuts, underhanded maneuvers and back-room deals somehow seem okay. No one will ever find out, right? Well, not necessarily. Passive-aggression is another distinct danger of this transit. Be wary when you hear the words, ‘I was just trying to (fill in the blank).’ They’re a sure sign that someone has ulterior motives. Want to contribute something necessary and effective right now? Donate blood. We’ve got it, they need it.

Neptune conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune conjunct Mars in the Transit Chart

Neptune Sextile Mars

Low Energy, High Compassion.

Keywords: sensitive, intuitive, daydreamy

For two weeks, we may feel a little strange and disconnected without understanding why. We’re passive and responsive rather than assertive. This transit does not enhance physical energy or initiative; it redirects our attention to a softer, more intuitive and dreamy existence. We’re sensitive to unspoken language and have an increased sense of compassion. We're there at the right time to offer help to someone who needs it, or we may take on the role of champion of the underdog. Charity, acts of service and donating our time and energy are all extremely effective ways to use this energy. Water sports is another: Go swimming or for a walk around the lake or on the beach. Creative endeavors go well now, but at work and in our personal lives, we may find that we’ve made too many plans. Narrow down the list to the single-most important thing and focus on that. Get plenty of sleep at night.

Neptune sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune sextile Mars in the Transit Chart

Neptune Square Mars

We Dream, but Can’t Act.

Keywords: pessimism, feeling thwarted, discouragement

This is a strange influence, when we fantasize about bold and courageous acts but lack the guts to act on those fantasies. We've got great intentions, but if they’re never made real, they're ultimately worthless. Often we feel discouraged or thwarted in our efforts under this energy, and as a result, our self-esteem sinks; it’s as if we don’t feel good about ourselves except in our daydreams. For instance, we imagine squaring off with the boss and telling him how we truly feel, but we never actually do it in reality. While our thoughts linger on this fantasy, our resentment leaks into everything we do. On the other hand, some of us aren’t afraid to act, but we’re working off delusions or daydreams. When we feel this impotent, it’s natural to want to escape. The siren song of booze or dope (or any other self-defeating behavior) may call to us. We may need to proverbially chain ourselves to the deck so we can't reach temptation.

Neptune square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune square Mars in the Transit Chart

Neptune Trine Mars

Acts of Charity.

Keywords: selfless, calm, generous

We're nothing but dreamers, or so say our partners and friends now. We can totally surprise them by putting our dreams in motion at this time. There are so many ways we can effectively use the selfless, generous energy of these two weeks. Our sense of compassion is stimulated now and we’re willing to donate our time and energy -- our most valuable assets -- to people and groups who need it. Working with a nonprofit business, spiritual group or any organization whose tenets we believe in is an excellent way to subsume ourselves in this benevolent energy. The only caution is not to give too much. Where's the boundary between self-sacrifice and martyrdom? We may toe the line at this time. Creative energy spikes now, so artists of any breed find themselves in a flurry of new ideas and work. Take a break to dance. Put on some of your favorite music, push back the furniture and move your body. If there’s a romantic date on the calendar, head off to an adventure flick.

Neptune trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune trine Mars in the Transit Chart

Neptune Opposite Mars

Dancing with a Ghost.

Keywords: pessimism, upset, disillusionment

This is a two-week period of low energy, missed opportunities and false expectations. We just don’t feel like ourselves these days -- so who are we, anyway? Perhaps this is the question we must answer. Concentration wanes and we zone out at the crucial moment, and miss the important directions. Then we're not sure what to do and have to stumble through or ask for help. We often feel angry but lack an effective outlet for it. We speak loudly but our words may be hollow and devoid of meaning. In truth we feel more passive than aggressive, more responsive than active. We need to choose our fights carefully at this time. Boundaries are murky and we fight for principles that don’t deserve our energy -- a false crusade. Miscommunication and misunderstanding make for a difficult time. Arguments and disagreements occur now and sometimes, instead of the confrontations we expect or instigate, our opponent steps out of the way and we fall forward under our own weight. This is puzzling as well as embarrassing.

Neptune opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune opposite Mars in the Transit Chart

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