Neptune-Jupiter Aspects

Neptune Conjunct Jupiter

Big Dreams.

Keywords: gullible, compassionate, dreamy

We long to be explorers during this idealistic, dreamy transit -- not like days of old when we navigated the earth to find new treasures, but explorers in the spiritual realm. We’re on a quest for meaning, searching for a greater purpose and a higher vision. Our faith increases now and we are extremely open to new ideas and creative inspirations. We see the divine in everyone, although some people like to remind us that soon we're going to wake up from this costume party. How sad but true! Our empathy is strongly stimulated now and fortunately for the needy, we're generous as well as compassionate. The other side of the coin is that we can be very spaced out at this time: Our heads are so high up in the clouds that our friends have to pull on our feet to keep us from floating away. We’re hungry in the physical as well as spiritual sense, but the fridge and cabinets are empty because we forgot to go shopping. Money flows like sand through our fingers. Needless to say, this is a poor time to invest, because we simply don’t have or can’t see all the pertinent information. Stick to spiritual development and creative endeavors and you can’t go wrong.

Neptune conjunct Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune conjunct Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Neptune Sextile Jupiter

Into the Mystic.

Keywords: idealistic, sensitive, selfless

This subtle, rare transit enhances our spiritual development and increases our compassion. We sense the unseen and strive to understand it. The Big Picture is what appeals to us now and it can get mighty large! Infinite possibilities keep our minds reeling. In essence, there are no limits on our faith -- faith in ourselves, in our future, in our dreams or in our spiritual practices. At best, our compassion is enhanced and we feel generous and empathic. To bring things down to a practical level, organize a philanthropic or community service event with friends or coworkers. Creativity is greatly enhanced during this influence, so keep in mind that art and music can transport us to another time and place now. However, resist the urge to gamble or speculate. Our pocketbooks can't keep up with our dreams. Any urges to escape the ugly reality of the ‘real world’ should be directed toward cinema, TV, reading or the arts. Other, more deleterious methods of escape can quickly get the better of us. We are decidedly more sensitive than usual and more susceptible to overactive imaginations. Use this time to meditate, daydream and peer into the mystic. But don’t get lost!

Neptune sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune sextile Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Neptune Square Jupiter

Denial Is Bliss.

Keywords: escapism, impracticality, avoidance

This rare transit increases our spiritual angst and permits us to contemplate matters of the spirit more deeply than ever before. At this time, we are questioning, seeking new ways of thinking about our spiritual welfare; ignoring this important part of ourselves won’t work anymore. We must do something about it. This type of honest questioning and persistence can bring about increased consciousness to our behavior and to our understanding of the nonphysical world. However, the danger is that we may not be very grounded; we can actually be in quite a bit of denial, for a while, anyway. Once this transit is over, the reality we’ve been ignoring for weeks will once again intrude into our lives. Remember, denial is bliss...for a while, anyway. Avoid making important financial decisions at this time, and beware of opportunities that seem too good to be true. Our judgment is not perfect right now and all that glitters is not gold. This is not the time to take risks. The urge to escape can be very strong during this transit. Direct this toward creative endeavors, or at least activities that are not potentially harmful.

Neptune square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune square Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Neptune Trine Jupiter

The Expanding Universe.

Keywords: fantasy, idealism, addiction to love

Our mystical yearnings increase during this subtle but powerful transit. We search for nothing less than the ultimate meaning of our worldly experience and we seek some sort of transcendent spiritual revelation. Romance has its appeal now, but keep in mind that there are some who say that romantic love is really misplaced love of God. Don't put anyone on a pedestal, and don’t climb up on your own, either. Compassion is stimulated by this energy and is best expressed in big ways that provide the active relief of suffering. A comparative study of religions may be fascinating at this time, more so than usual. There are so many doors to the temple! Just be careful not to be swept away by any type of spiritual practice right now; a certain amount of involvement is certainly okay, but not total immersion. The urge to escape can be temporarily overwhelming and it’s all too easy to fall into addictive behavior. There are lots of addictions, some of which are more productive than others. Try work, exercise or a spiritual practice rather than the usual substances, which can be more dangerous than usual due to our increased sensitivity.

Neptune trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune trine Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Neptune Opposite Jupiter

Blind Spot.

Keywords: overoptimistic, gullible, fantasy

Beware of an offer that isn’t what it seems. We could all too easily be the victim of a scam or trick during this infrequent and illusory transit. We are so impressionable that we can be readily deluded. Don't be charmed by a silver voice, or led astray by any sort of proposal that seems too good to be true. We’d rather ignore a problem than deal with it right now, which may be to our detriment later. We are drawn to the spiritual side of life and the real world can't live up to our ideals. If we ignore red flags now, we’ll be sorry when the truth eventually comes out. Our fantasies are overoptimistic and very impractical at this time: We expect to leap ahead without much effort. It may be possible, or it may not. Certainly, the spiritual side of life is more attractive than practical reality; perhaps the study of religions appeals to us now. If so, let’s not run off and join the first one we hear about. Study several groups’ philosophies over the course of a few months and see which one appeals the most. Romance is stimulated now and seduction is in the air. The right music, the right flowers, the right words, and we’re there.

Neptune opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune opposite Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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