Moon-Sun Aspects

Moon Conjunct Sun

New Beginnings.

Keywords: optimistic, intuitive, connected

The New Moon occurs today, as it does once a month when the Moon catches up with the Sun in their perpetual dance in the skies. It’s easy to feel the surge of energy that comes with a New Moon, which has long been considered a time to make a fresh start, begin a new task or rededicate ourselves to projects that are already underway. The conscious will and unconscious emotions come together now to create a new unity. It’s like sowing a seed. Today will set the tone for the rest of the month, so do take advantage of this revitalizing, initiating energy.

Moon conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Moon conjunct Sun in the Transit Chart

Moon Sextile Sun

The Seed Sprouts and Grows.

Keywords: attuned, sensitive, vital

The seed we planted several days ago is now sprouting and growing, even as the Moon gets larger in the sky with each passing night. The form becomes clearer and our direction solidified. Careful attention must be given to the new project, just the way a new baby or a new seedling needs care and attentiveness. With nurturing and focus, everything expands and flourishes. Without it, the project may die on the vine and an important opportunity will have been wasted. So, we must keep our attention on the task at hand, keep working and keep nurturing the project along. In a couple of weeks we’ll see the results of our hard labor.

Moon sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Moon sextile Sun in the Transit Chart

Moon Square Sun

Overcoming Challenges.

Keywords: upsetting, overreactions, arguments

A real-world challenge faces us now, as unconscious energy from the past tries to distract us from our course or put up obstacles and detours on our path. Now’s the time to decide: carry on and overcome those challenges, or head back to the laboratory? It’s not too late to put a new spin on things and salvage the good ideas that got off on the wrong foot. It happens. On the other hand, we’re just as likely to refuse to be defeated by a few small problems along the path to our goals. Either way, this day will be a learning experience.

Moon square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Moon square Sun in the Transit Chart

Moon Trine Sun

Time for Evaluation.


This is a period of evaluation when we look back over the goals and accomplishments we hoped to manifest this month and see how they’re going. If adjustments need to be made in order to further the plan along, we make them. If it seems like things haven’t gone the way we hoped, we delve in and try to figure out what went wrong, so we can avoid it next time. This can be a brief period of reaching out to others, teaching them what we know and dispensing our wisdom to those who have ears to hear.

Moon trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Moon trine Sun in the Transit Chart

Moon Opposite Sun


Keywords: touchy, sensitive, uncomfortable

Today’s Full Moon brings a potent energy that’s hard to miss. We’re on edge; we may have trouble sleeping and we’re much more likely to respond emotionally than we usually do. The project that we started two weeks ago culminates now, for better or for worse. This is also a time when keen vision is possible. We can clearly see the ‘other side,’ whether that means our partners, our opponents or both sides of an issue. We reach realizations and find awareness. There’s simply no better time to bring consciousness to the hidden, emotional content of our own and others’ behavior.

Moon opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Moon opposite Sun in the Transit Chart

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