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Moon Square Venus


Kelli Fox

Keywords: possessive, insecure, oversensitive
Frequency: . Duration:

We find ourselves overindulging in carnal desires for the few hours that this transits lasts. Another cookie? No problem!

We can work it off later. (Wait -- whom do we think we’re kidding?) Is that cute new sweetie making us late for work? We’ll laugh it off, but the boss might not. ‘I want to!’ is the mantra of the hour. People are feeling selfish, frankly, so it’s not the best time to try to negotiate or make deals, since no one is in the mood for giving an inch. At the moment, most of us are only interested in the benefits we’ll receive. Many people are oversensitive during this time, taking hurt where none was intended.

Moon square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Moon square Venus in the Transit Chart

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