Moon-Saturn Aspects

Moon Conjunct Saturn

A Time of Melancholy.

Keywords: lonely, depressed, melancholic

When the Moon makes its monthly visit to Saturn, the energy feels heavy and sad to most people. We feel withdrawn and melancholy, and some people even experience temporary depression. Under this bleak, low-energy mood we aren’t as likely to reach out to others; instead, we focus inwardly. Even if we don’t actually feel lonely, we often feel like being alone. Our burdens feel heavier than usual and nothing seems effective in lightening the mood. We may feel under the thumb of certain authority figures in our lives, or of responsibilities that we find burdensome. The mood is too pessimistic to make effective decisions. The best solution is to simply focus on work and serious subjects. The downtime will soon pass.

Moon conjunct Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Moon conjunct Saturn in the Transit Chart

Moon Sextile Saturn

A Sobering Mood.

Keywords: sober, committed, focused

The mood is somber and serious during this short transit, but not depressing. Most folks simply want to be left alone so they can get their work done without any type of interruption or distraction. We feel focused and committed to completing our responsibilities. There is a temporary sense of emotional restriction; that is, we may feel shy or otherwise reticent to express how we feel. This is an excellent time to do work in or on our homes and our personal lives, because we can see what needs to be fixed and we feel dedicated to accomplishing it. Endurance is good but by the end of the day, a restful sleep will sound very appealing.

Moon sextile Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Moon sextile Saturn in the Transit Chart

Moon Square Saturn

Critical and Inflexible.

Keywords: judged, criticized, restricted

Painful or restrictive emotional memories affect our perceptions and moods during this short but intense transit. Folks are very hard on themselves and critical of others at the same time. Feelings of loneliness and inadequacy are pervasive and it’s very difficult to feel sympathetic to another person’s problems or even their point of view. We just don’t feel very tolerant or forgiving at the moment. In fact, we can feel quite judgmental, inflexible and severe. Needless to say, this is not the best time for tackling thorny emotional issues. Wait till tomorrow, when this troublesome energy has passed.

Moon square Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Moon square Saturn in the Transit Chart

Moon Trine Saturn

Make a Plan.

Keywords: practical, stable, inner strength

This short transit is excellent for getting a lot of work done, particularly tasks around the house or duties and responsibilities that we must fulfill on a regular basis. There’s a sense of stability and practicality that keeps us focused, on task and productive. We aren’t easily distracted. We feel strong on the inside and have an increased sense of security. This is a good time to make business plans because we’re reasonable and have good judgment. Mapping out goals and a path toward achieving them will provide a handy guide in weeks to come. At the end of the hardworking day, be sure to get enough rest.

Moon trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Moon trine Saturn in the Transit Chart

Moon Opposite Saturn

Feeling Pessimistic.

Keywords: isolation, pessimism, judgmental

Feelings of isolation and pessimism suddenly loom large under this temporary but draining transit. Old emotions emerge to block our productivity. We feel critical and judgmental toward ourselves and others, too. There’s little that will please us right now. The demands of supervisors and authority figures feel more onerous than usual and we drag our feet in fulfilling them. Family issues seem to take on more significance and everything seems weighty and burdensome. It’s all too easy to project our emotions onto our parents or our bosses at this time, making them responsible for our own problems. The best use of this energy is simply to put our noses to the grindstone and keep on working.

Moon opposite Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Moon opposite Saturn in the Transit Chart

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