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Mercury Sextile Uranus

Take a Novel Approach.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: curious, creative, funny
Frequency: Twice (each) a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

It’s time to take a novel approach to an old problem. Experimental projects, innovative developments and progressive ideas put us much further ahead than staid, static thinking. Stretching the mind toward something new opens up the door to mental inspiration and brilliant solutions.

Sharp minds can’t get fooled today; perceptions are too keen and thought processes too speedy. Plus, no one is afraid to speak up, so we may hear from those who don’t ordinarily contribute. Independent thinking attracts some, but repels others. Use humor to deflect unwanted advice but don’t be too dismissive or curt. Curiosity and creativity may lead to wandering minds, but on a day like today this is actually very productive. If the brain is working too fast to keep up with all your ideas, make a list and focus on it. This is a good day for study and mental development because we’re more willing to accept unconventional ideas and concepts than usual.

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