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Mercury Opposite Mars

Arguments Erupt from Nowhere.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: argumentative, impulsive, angry
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Let’s carefully put on our muzzles this morning. Then we won't have to take our foot (or feet) out of our mouth later on! Folks are inclined to blurt out anything that comes into their minds today, because the usual mental filter is somehow turned off by this transit.

People feel impatient, impulsive and argumentative. Highly polarized situations are likely, such as the division of the world into ‘us against them.’ The projection of anger issues is also likely; finger-pointing and blame are all part of this dynamic. The rub is that we feel like arguing and that requires another person. There are better ways to handle this energy. Join with someone else in a creative venture. We need an ‘other,’ both for this project and to fulfill the energy of this brief but irritating transit. Since it’s so easy to misread others’ signals during this time, it’s much better to ask questions and withhold judgment than to stomp off in anger.

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