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Mercury Opposite Jupiter


Kelli Fox

Keywords: exaggeration, overblown, dishonesty
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Our minds are strongly stimulated for a few days, but this can result in lots of misdirected nervous energy that makes us feel both high-strung and absent-minded. Focus is a very real challenge now, and our tendency to enhance stories to impress others may backfire. If we can stick to the facts, we’ll be a lot safer.

Given the inclination toward exaggeration and self-righteousness, this could be easier said than done. We shouldn’t get bent out of shape if someone challenges us, but instead view it as an opportunity to clarify our position. We’re so distractible now that sleight of hand can keep our focus away from the real action. Watch for deception and don’t give little details the slip. They’re sure to come back to haunt you later. Words have power, but we may be over the top today, which makes others dubious. Avoid exaggeration and arrogance. Don’t take offense if others are tactless.

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