Mercury-Moon Aspects

Mercury Conjunct Moon

People Are Talking.

Keywords: sensitive, unconscious conditioning, misimpression

There will be a lot of chatting around the water cooler today as minds and hearts come together and people feel like sharing. Fortunately, this brief contact helps us listen with sensitivity as well as express our feelings. Mental processes are stimulated by emotional content, but be careful not to make decisions based solely on your feelings or the mood of the moment. We are attuned to one another both at a mental and a feeling level. This is an excellent time to reach out to family members, and today is one of those days when friends feel like extended family. Journaling is an excellent idea today.

Mercury conjunct Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mercury Sextile Moon

Expressing Emotions.

Keywords: kind, feeling, verbal

This brief transit is an ideal time for conversation and connecting with other people. We’re easily able to verbalize our feelings and also to listen with sensitivity to others as well. We shouldn’t hesitate to pour our hearts out to friends and family, but remember to lend a sympathetic ear, too. Writing is another way to effectively express our emotions, and provides a way to privately articulate our innermost desires. Our thoughts are strongly affected by the way we feel during this brief transit; in the best scenario, logic and emotion, fleeting though they may be, blend to create balance and equilibrium.

Mercury sextile Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mercury Square Moon

Emotionally Based Thinking.

Keywords: moody, insecure, irritable

During the brief period of this transit, people may feel edgy, nervous and moody. Feelings and emotions interfere with logical thinking processes, and decisions made now could backfire since the unconscious component looms large. Instead of being centered in the now, our thoughts are locked on the past. Conversation will be emotionally based and our thoughts tend to travel in circles. We’re easily distracted and have a lot of trouble focusing on tasks at hand. We feel vaguely irritable without being able to discern the reason for it. This is a poor time for public speaking or for trying to explain your logic to anyone else.

Mercury square Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mercury Trine Moon

Conversation Flows.

Keywords: conversation, self-expression, intuition

Schedule a date with friends or share a meal with family during the course of this brief transit, which triggers lively conversation and flowing thoughts and emotions. We are easily able to express ourselves and add a feeling component to our logical processes, blending the best of both worlds. All forms of writing are favored, from the most complex poetry to simple instant messages. We should take advantage of this opportunity to express ourselves more eloquently than usual, particularly when it comes to the past, our families and our feelings. Intuition is heightened and self-expression is favored.

Mercury trine Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mercury Opposite Moon


Keywords: misunderstandings, misperception, projection

Misunderstandings can easily occur during the brief period of this transit, for several reasons. Our perceptions are off right now, because we’re filtering information through our network of emotions, which means it won’t arrive at the other end of the process in the same condition that it went in. Communication and all forms of expression are emotionally tinged, both in the giving and the receiving. We think we know how other people feel, when actually we’re simply projecting our own emotions onto them. We may feel nervous and high-strung for no apparent reason. Happily, this influence will fade in a few short hours.

Mercury opposite Moon in the Compatibility Chart

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