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Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Disciplined but Limited Thinking.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: sensible, sober, cynical
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Our biggest challenge for the few days of this transit will be thinking outside the box. Our minds feel disciplined but limited, and we may even feel quite slow in our thinking, though methodical and thorough. Practice some mental gymnastics to loosen up and don’t over-think things.

Be aware that your limited perceptions may prevent you from seeing important factors; be skeptical but not cynical. On the other hand, a shrewd business sense is in operation at the moment and can help us select the best choice among many. Some folks may feel too shy to speak up during this time, even when they have something important to say. We shouldn’t let our inhibitions get the best of us. If we’ve got something to contribute, let’s speak up. Economy of speech is evident under this influence; we don’t use many words when only a few will do. This is an excellent time for any type of structured learning.

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