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Mercury Conjunct Neptune

In Tune with the Heavens (But Not the Earth).

Kelli Fox

Keywords: intuitive, confused, idealistic
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

It’s going to be difficult to stop daydreaming today and this holds true for just about everybody. We’re in tune with the heavens, but the earth...not so much. Be sure to record any powerful dreams or sudden inspirations that you receive under this strongly intuitive transit, which only lasts a few fleeting days.

The imagination is stimulated and it’s very easy to let it get the best of us, with mental wanderings far and near. Not all those journeys are positive! People with a naturally suspicious nature can spend too much time apprehensively dwelling on dark possibilities, none of which are based in reality. The rest of us find ourselves forgetful or inattentive. Miscommunication abounds. Avoid negotiations and contracts today since few of us have all the facts. On the other hand, artistic expression, prayer, and occult and spiritual activities get a boost with this mystical visionary energy.

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