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Mercury Conjunct Mars

Independent Thinking.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: mental activity, argumentative, independent thinker
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Our minds fly far faster than our other organs can keep up with. Our fingers speed over the keyboard and our tongues trip over the words that we’re trying to get out way too fast. We’re easily excited, particularly about new ideas, which we absorb and analyze at record speed.

Jumping to conclusions is the greatest danger with this influence; the mind is stimulated, too impatient to wait for all the details to fall into place. We think independently and resist being told what to do. Creating a plan of personal action is a wonderful way to use this influence effectively. Nervous energy runs high for the few days of this transit and exercise is a necessary outlet -- particularly fast exercise such as running, biking or brisk aerobics. This will help divert impatience and avoid any inclinations toward being argumentative. Focus is intense now; we dive headfirst into projects and emerge hours later, having forgotten everything else.

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