Mars-Venus Aspects

Mars Conjunct Venus

Is it Love or Is it Lust?

Keywords: passionate, balanced, affectionate

Love -- or is it lust? -- is in the air for the duration of this affectionate, sexy transit. If meeting new romantic partners is the goal, go for it now. Fresh connections bloom into full-blown attachment. Established relationships feel the heat too, in a steamy-window sort of way. It’s the perfect combination of loving and sexy, receptive and assertive, so role-playing and even role reversals can lend tremendous excitement to the moment. Can’t stop thinking about sex? You won’t be the only one, not by a long shot! And everyone seems to be exuding powerful animal magnetism. It’s not easy to resist such charm, warmth and eroticism. On a more social level, we aren’t afraid to act, yet we’re aware of how we affect others. This helps us to be attentive without being overbearing; affectionate, but not aggressive. It’s a great time to apply enormous physical energy to creative or value-building experiences.

Mars conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Mars conjunct Venus in the Transit Chart

Mars Sextile Venus

Party Time!

Keywords: pleasure, reciprocity, magnetism

What a great time to throw a party or to attend any type of impromptu social event. A good time will be had by all. This transit is much more amenable to play than to work so if possible, take a day or two off from the daily grind. We feel friendly and affectionate today, assertive but not aggressive, and there’s plenty of animal magnetism in the air. Just about everyone is in an excellent mood, and we’re all skillfully making those connections that can seem like such a struggle at other times. Right now, we give and receive with equal skill. Emotional and sexual needs are coordinated to create or enhance successful relationships, especially ones in which physical attraction is already in place. We’re in a space to appreciate others' skills and contributions and to let them know about it. For all these reasons, negotiations go very well and diplomacy is certainly a better route than arguments or ultimatums.

Mars sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Mars sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

Mars Square Venus

Coming on too Strong.

Keywords: passionate, desire-driven, excitable

Desire-driven physical urges can be very strong today, almost irresistible. We tend to do what we want and not think about the consequences until later. We can be overbearing and impatient and come on way too strong. Subverted sexual energy creeps in and can cause inappropriate actions or behavior, and someone could easily get offended. Let’s not get ourselves into trouble from lack of discipline. Any arguments we have could reveal where our ego energy is interfering with our ability to relate. If things don’t go our way, pouting is not the correct response. Retail therapy isn’t the way to go, either; we’ll most likely indulge in something unnecessary and expensive, which won’t help us feel any better in the end. If libido is getting the best of us, a passionate rendezvous will help, but don’t ruin a perfectly good friendship with an inappropriate sexual encounter.

Mars square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Mars square Venus in the Transit Chart

Mars Trine Venus

Love and Be Loved.

Keywords: charming, confident, enjoyable

Life flows very smoothly for these few days, perhaps a little too smoothly. Don't get spoiled; it won’t last forever. Just a few days, in fact! This transit helps us get what we want, so we need to be careful to identify what it is we truly want and need! This is a time to love and be loved. Sexual energy runs strong, but so does the need for simple physical affection and emotional connection. Right now we’re able to find the compromise between the urgent desire for contact and the rules of society. We’re both confident and charming, creating the perfect conditions for schmoozing. Calling upon our dynamic inner diplomat will be very effective now, too, as will any efforts toward mediation and compromise. Physical work engaged in creative pursuits is most valuable. Our efforts pay off. Try dancing, even if you’re alone. Especially if you’re alone!

Mars trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Mars trine Venus in the Transit Chart

Mars Opposite Venus

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

Keywords: sexual passion, arguments, frustration

Concentrating on work is going to be very difficult for the duration of this sensual transit. Our minds are on the birds and the bees and all the things that make the world go ’round. ‘I Can't Get No Satisfaction’ was written for days like these. We feel hot-blooded and sexually frustrated, yet a little bit shy about coming on too strong. Inhibitions can block our passions. Some folks will simply ignore their caution and be overbearing or impatient in matters of love and affection. We may not see eye-to-eye with our partner, whether in business or romance. If a compromise can’t be reached, take separate ways for the time being. Remember that controlling others isn’t the same as loving them. This is one of those times when it's a thin line between love and hate. Don't permit one person to dominate the other or to project their own faults onto anyone else.

Mars opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Mars opposite Venus in the Transit Chart

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