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Mars Trine Uranus


Kelli Fox

Keywords: adventurous, original, self-discovery
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

This two-week period can be a fun-filled adventure, if we’re willing to take things into our own hands. This transit asks us to act independently and autonomously. We want to be like heroes, pioneering our way across the frontier.

Fortunately there is plenty to keep us busy. We experience an ingenious breakthrough on a problem we've been gnawing on for a long time, or we may have some other original ideas that we want to try out now. We’re polite when we ask others to give us space. This adventurous spirit leads us to unexpected and rewarding places; it opens the doors to the future. Speaking of which, we simply can't resist the latest innovation in the technology field right now. What will they think of next? A burst of physical energy tempts us to do twice our normal exercise routine. Rather than overextending ourselves, trying a new or unusual form of exercise would be more appropriate.

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