Mars-Sun Aspects

Mars Conjunct Sun

Cosmic Energy Surge.

Keywords: assertive, aggressive, confident

Did you wake up early today, raring to go? If so, you’re under the influence of the cosmic energy surge that’s pulsing over the planet. And so is everyone else! We’re all chomping at the bit today, jumping early out of the gate and galloping headlong down the track, heedless of others. Sound kinda dangerous? It could be -- or it could just be exciting. Fortunately, with awareness, we can utilize this forcefulness by boldly initiating projects, courageously taking action and doing things that only we can do. Be careful, however. Even if we are acting consciously, it’s a sure bet that others aren’t; they could react to this energy by bullying, arguing and trying to force their way on everyone else. Assertiveness can quickly turn into aggression; risk-taking and road rage will be rampant. Direct this excess energy in the right direction by getting plenty of exercise. The challenge here is to be courageous and daring without antagonizing others.

Mars conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Mars conjunct Sun in the Transit Chart

Mars Sextile Sun

Seize the Day.

Keywords: passionate, vital, adventurous

Today’s energy is steadfast, directed and excellent for accomplishing a lot of work. It’s all about individuals finding and seizing opportunities for action -- a time when things get done! Tasks are crossed off to-do lists; steady and consistent effort is applied to the workaday world. We are accomplishment-oriented today and the smartest among us won't squander this energy on pointless tasks or silly meetings. This is all about action. The astro-weather increases our ambitions and confidence, aids personal will and gives a healthy sense of competition, one that brings out the best in many people. Teamwork is okay, but really, independent work is probably more productive. Take advantage of the good timing this transit brings. Our plans should proceed smoothly and quickly.

Mars sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Mars sextile Sun in the Transit Chart

Mars Square Sun

Short Fuses.

Keywords: argumentative, irritable, self-centered

Watch out, because tempers could be short today. It seems like everyone got up on the wrong side of the bed! We’re grumpy, coming on way too strong without even realizing it, reacting to the slightest provocations and making mountains out of molehills. No one likes being told what to do, so we’ll see a lot of people doing just what they want to do today -- and you know how annoying that can be. There will be some who behave like hotheads and others who will be more than a little competitive. Before the day is over, there are sure to be more than a few ruffled feathers. So if we’re feeling grouchy, let’s keep that prickly energy to ourselves. Avoid arguments and temper tantrums. Exercise much more caution than usual, too, watching especially for cuts, burns and accidents, particularly ones involving the head (ouch!).

Mars square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Mars square Sun in the Transit Chart

Mars Trine Sun

Irrepressible Energy.

Keywords: energetic, confident, spontaneous

This is a time when most of us can accomplish a great deal of work and make huge professional progress. Confidence is stronger than usual and we respond to the urge to get things moving. Assertive action brings powerful and juicy rewards. What a perfect day to kick-start some of those work tasks or personal projects that have been lagging! This brief period unfolds in a smooth, timely and uneventful manner. Things almost seem to take care of themselves, like a well-oiled machine. Physical prowess is strong, in the form of a powerful libido or the urge to participate in a sporting or athletic activity. This rambunctious feeling needs an effective outlet. When we’re experiencing the benefits of this can-do energy, it’s very easy to overcommit ourselves. We should what we can, but don’t take on too much.

Mars trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Mars trine Sun in the Transit Chart

Mars Opposite Sun

It’s THEIR Fault!

Keywords: confrontational, defensive, hotheaded

This could be a difficult couple of days when we’ll have to face one obstacle after another. And there will be a lot of blame flying around; it’s all the other guy’s fault! We’ll all be a little too ready to jump into the fray instead of taking a more philosophical or communicative approach. Confrontations are very likely at this time; even if we’re not involved in one ourselves, we might witness some sort of argument, fight or aggressive behavior. This transit brings an aggressive frame of mind and people won’t back down easily from any fight. What’s worse, many feel hypersensitive so they’ll switch into defense mode fast, taking offense at small things and turning molehills into mountains. Forewarned is forearmed: Don’t fall prey to the lower manifestations of this energy. Do some resistance training or weight lifting, don’t pick any arguments and give the other guy a chance.

Mars opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Mars opposite Sun in the Transit Chart

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