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Mars Square Venus

Coming on too Strong.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: passionate, desire-driven, excitable
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Desire-driven physical urges can be very strong today, almost irresistible. We tend to do what we want and not think about the consequences until later. We can be overbearing and impatient and come on way too strong.

Subverted sexual energy creeps in and can cause inappropriate actions or behavior, and someone could easily get offended. Let’s not get ourselves into trouble from lack of discipline. Any arguments we have could reveal where our ego energy is interfering with our ability to relate. If things don’t go our way, pouting is not the correct response. Retail therapy isn’t the way to go, either; we’ll most likely indulge in something unnecessary and expensive, which won’t help us feel any better in the end. If libido is getting the best of us, a passionate rendezvous will help, but don’t ruin a perfectly good friendship with an inappropriate sexual encounter.

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