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Mars Sextile Pluto

A Sense of Purpose.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: ambition, purpose, self-discovery
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

During the two weeks that this energetic transit lasts, we powerfully apply our energy toward a long-term goal designed to bring positive change. Opportunities that we seize and actions taken now benefit far more than just ourselves. The results ripple out and touch many many others.

This is an opportunity to really overhaul certain areas of our lives. Remember, change is good. We should think of it as improvement and embrace it. Sometimes all it takes is a simple question. When we follow the answer through to the end, it turns out to be more profound than we had originally thought. Be aware that all the drive and ambition we feel can mask quite a bit of hostility or rage. When our little game of bumper cars gets more intense than we planned for, we know we’ve got more anger inside than we thought. Don’t let it become destructive. All in all, this is a very favorable time to direct our energy into purposeful action.

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