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Mars Opposite Neptune

Dancing with a Ghost.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: pessimism, upset, disillusionment
Frequency: Once every two years. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

This is a two-week period of low energy, missed opportunities and false expectations. We just don’t feel like ourselves these days -- so who are we, anyway? Perhaps this is the question we must answer.

Concentration wanes and we zone out at the crucial moment, and miss the important directions. Then we're not sure what to do and have to stumble through or ask for help. We often feel angry but lack an effective outlet for it. We speak loudly but our words may be hollow and devoid of meaning. In truth we feel more passive than aggressive, more responsive than active. We need to choose our fights carefully at this time. Boundaries are murky and we fight for principles that don’t deserve our energy -- a false crusade. Miscommunication and misunderstanding make for a difficult time. Arguments and disagreements occur now and sometimes, instead of the confrontations we expect or instigate, our opponent steps out of the way and we fall forward under our own weight. This is puzzling as well as embarrassing.

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