Mars-Moon Aspects

Mars Conjunct Moon

Hot to Trot.

Keywords: irritable, short fuse, insensitive

The monthly meeting of Moon and Mars is one of the hottest, sexiest times of the month, so it pays to know when it’s happening. Sheer emotion meets raw passion now, and the results can be fireworks, to say the least. All that energy can manifest in other ways, too. Some of us may feel quite irritable, or strangely emotional without knowing why. There are a few people who will react to this brief transit with an emotional outburst or by saying whatever they feel without concern for the way it comes across to others. Hotheads are also likely to take offense very easily at this time.

Mars conjunct Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mars Sextile Moon

Strong Life Force.

Keywords: passionate, energetic, excited

Passion is in the air for the few brief hours of this transit. Emotions and pure energy work in tandem, and folks feel excited and eager to do something -- anything! -- to actively express how they feel. The life force is flowing at this time, so we feel more lively and passionate than we normally do. Women and men interact well at this time. Our bodies and our minds are working together now; brisk exercise will clear our minds of excess emotion. Doing some active work in the home is another excellent way to utilize this potent energy.

Mars sextile Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mars Square Moon

Short Tempers.

Keywords: unavailable, wounded, defensive

This impatient, jumpy energy will only last a few hours but can be quite irritating while it’s here. Suddenly folks are touchy and hypersensitive, taking offense where none was intended, becoming easily defensive and having emotional outbursts. It’s too easy to have one’s feelings hurt during this brief period and wounds that take only seconds to inflict may take much longer to heal. Impulsive or emotionally based actions are likely during this time, and usually won’t be beneficial in the long term. Tempers are short and arguments can easily ensue if folks give in to the self-indulgence or selfishness that this transit can create.

Mars square Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mars Trine Moon


Keywords: energetic, passionate, connected

There can be quite a surge of erotic, sexual energy during the few hours of this particular transit, which is something that most people respond to on some level, consciously
or not. Emotional power blends with physical prowess to help folks feel excited, passionate about what they’re doing and internally aligned. We express our emotions with ease and pay attention to our bodies. Actions taken now are based on clear feelings and should be successful. There’s a certain youthful, impetuous feeling to this brief period that can be quite fun and refreshing. Sparks can fly, in more ways than one!

Mars trine Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Mars Opposite Moon

Sensitive and Moody.

Keywords: oversensitive, argumentative, moody

For may people, this short monthly transit brings out their most sensitive and moody side. Many people become defensive and are easily wounded. Some may even pick fights with others, especially those closest to them, in overt power plays or emotional projections. Immature or reactive behavior can be evident. Because this energy often operates unconsciously, it often manifests as a blaming attitude; fortunately, any finger-pointing is probably short-lived. Tempers are often short and emotionally based confrontations are quite common. A better way to handle it is to take a brisk walk to discharge any excess energy.

Mars opposite Moon in the Compatibility Chart

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