Mars-Mercury Aspects

Mars Conjunct Mercury

Independent Thinking.

Keywords: mental activity, argumentative, independent thinker

Our minds fly far faster than our other organs can keep up with. Our fingers speed over the keyboard and our tongues trip over the words that we’re trying to get out way too fast. We’re easily excited, particularly about new ideas, which we absorb and analyze at record speed. Jumping to conclusions is the greatest danger with this influence; the mind is stimulated, too impatient to wait for all the details to fall into place. We think independently and resist being told what to do. Creating a plan of personal action is a wonderful way to use this influence effectively. Nervous energy runs high for the few days of this transit and exercise is a necessary outlet -- particularly fast exercise such as running, biking or brisk aerobics. This will help divert impatience and avoid any inclinations toward being argumentative. Focus is intense now; we dive headfirst into projects and emerge hours later, having forgotten everything else.

Mars conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Mars conjunct Mercury in the Transit Chart

Mars Sextile Mercury

Busy Work.

Keywords: quick-witted, funny, communicative

What an excellent time for communications and mental work of any type. Quick-witted repartee and delightful conversations are very likely for the few days that this transit lasts. We like to feel busy under this type of energy, so we’re inclined to fill up our schedules with many different tasks and activities. We make lists and feel a growing sense of accomplishment as we cross off one item after another. Mind and motivation meld, helping most folks to feel collected, energetic and directed. A certain competitive feeling can incline us to strive to outperform others, but beyond a friendly game of Scrabble, it’s best to compete only with ourselves. Working with others is conducive to great productivity. We speak with great conviction now, so we’re quite convincing these days. Building a case for something meaningful is an excellent way to direct this focused energy; so is creating a plan of personal action.

Mars sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Mars sextile Mercury in the Transit Chart

Mars Square Mercury

Premature Action.

Keywords: argumentative, rash, irritable

During the brief few days of this transit, tempers could flare and arguments may erupt. Many people are irritable and prone to risky or rash behavior -- not dangerous, simply short-tempered. Some folks will pick a fight simply for the sake of fighting, and sometimes it really does feel good to raise our voices in indignation. Since it’s so easy to misread others’ signals during this time, it’s much better to ask questions and withhold judgment than to stomp off in anger. Explaining ourselves calmly also helps to alleviate this stressful energy. One thing’s for sure, though: We’ll move in fits and starts during this period, and very little will go smoothly. Communications flounder and concentration is difficult as our minds run off in all directions. We tend toward premature action, impatience and jumping to conclusions without all the facts. Laughing at ourselves will help diffuse this tension.

Mars square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Mars square Mercury in the Transit Chart

Mars Trine Mercury

Confident and Conversant.

Keywords: charming, confident, conversant

This transit only lasts a few days and its influence is upbeat, energetic and feisty. We think on our feet right now, connecting dots at an alarming rate, our minds racing along various pathways and permutations. We are quick-thinking, analytical and communicative. There’s a certain confidence in our manner of expression, which means that few will question our assertions at this moment, although they may well come back with appropriate and pointed questions next week. Today, though, folks are more likely to respond to new ideas with enthusiasm and excitement. We speak with such conviction that our listeners are strongly motivated. We feel conversant and informed and are able to back up our ideas with facts and figures. Active communications of all types are strongly favored now, as are competitive word games and physical activities such as biking, running and dance aerobics. Competition may be very appropriate right now.

Mars trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Mars trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

Mars Opposite Mercury

Arguments Erupt from Nowhere.

Keywords: argumentative, impulsive, angry

Let’s carefully put on our muzzles this morning. Then we won't have to take our foot (or feet) out of our mouth later on! Folks are inclined to blurt out anything that comes into their minds today, because the usual mental filter is somehow turned off by this transit. People feel impatient, impulsive and argumentative. Highly polarized situations are likely, such as the division of the world into ‘us against them.’ The projection of anger issues is also likely; finger-pointing and blame are all part of this dynamic. The rub is that we feel like arguing and that requires another person. There are better ways to handle this energy. Join with someone else in a creative venture. We need an ‘other,’ both for this project and to fulfill the energy of this brief but irritating transit. Since it’s so easy to misread others’ signals during this time, it’s much better to ask questions and withhold judgment than to stomp off in anger.

Mars opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Mars opposite Mercury in the Transit Chart

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