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Mars Conjunct Pluto

Power Drive.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: controlling, focused, passionate
Frequency: Once every two years. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

No one will be lacking energy, motivation or drive for the duration of this transit, which lasts about two weeks. In fact, the issue is likely to be too much energy of a particular sort: power and passion, above and below the surface. The two make a formidable team.

As a result, we’re so ambitious and purposeful that we bulldoze anyone who happens to be in our way. Once we’ve decided what we want, we’re willing to work as long as it takes to get it. Anger is a common issue now. Many of us have deep pools of unconscious rage just waiting to explode, and now is the time to make progress in that area -- meaning, learning to control it. Once we work through our rage, we engage in controlled action that becomes profound, meaningful, creative and valuable. We feel great satisfaction from doing heavy physical work or from a hard workout. Remember that this transit can actually be somewhat dangerous, so if our travels take us to scary neighborhoods, go with caution and bring a companion.

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