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Mars Conjunct Neptune

Evaporated Energy.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: confusion, mild depression, restlessness
Frequency: Once every two years. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

Strange goings-on pervade our consciousness and the world at large. We’re all under the same mysterious and drifting energy for two weeks. Although we’re passionate about an ideal, we aren’t likely to pause to examine the worthiness of that ideal.

And that passion isn’t likely to extend to the physical realm, except maybe for sex. We’ve got plenty of fantasies and the desire to fulfill them; but remember, often the fantasy is better than the reality. Otherwise, our usual physical pep and vigor has evaporated. On most days during this transit, we make several feeble attempts to get things going, but when they go nowhere, we quickly give up. At work, shortcuts, underhanded maneuvers and back-room deals somehow seem okay. No one will ever find out, right? Well, not necessarily. Passive-aggression is another distinct danger of this transit. Be wary when you hear the words, ‘I was just trying to (fill in the blank).’ They’re a sure sign that someone has ulterior motives. Want to contribute something necessary and effective right now? Donate blood. We’ve got it, they need it.

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