Jupiter-Venus Aspects

Jupiter Conjunct Venus

Too Much of a Good Thing.

Keywords: generous, indulgent, attractive

‘The devil made me do it’ is nothing but a convenient excuse for overindulgence, but it’s a rationalization that could go far for the few days that this transit is in effect. This planetary combination basically brings too much of a good thing. It is, therefore, an excellent time to reacquaint ourselves with the concept of ‘enough.’ Instead of eating too many sweets or buying some expensive but unnecessary toy, we can focus on social connections and increasing the love in our lives. In fact, everywhere we go, we see sweethearts of all ages, holding hands and smooching. We’re practically swooning with affection -- so this is not the day to run off to Vegas for an impromptu wedding ceremony, because bitter reality will return next week! Focus on more enduring matters instead. We have a keen eye for form and beauty, so make plans to redesign your home or personal space today.

Jupiter conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter conjunct Venus in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Sextile Venus

Dress for Success.

Keywords: upbeat, benevolent, lighthearted

Life is good. Very good. We live for moments like these, don’t we? Warm and affectionate emotions flow, smoothing the way for social contacts and business negotiations. Demonstrate genuine interest in what other people are saying and you’ll learn more than you expect. A beneficial relationship could start under this favorable influence; you’ll know it when you see it. Taking a younger person underwing and becoming a mentor is a wonderful use of this energy. On a more mundane level, we take more care with our appearance than usual, and it’s a great time to get a snazzy new haircut or purchase some new clothes. Just beware that you don’t pay too much -- a distinct danger with this transit, as we feel loose with money right now and generous to a fault. A party would be a great idea. Our ability to relate is heightened and we feel upbeat and attractive.

Jupiter sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Square Venus


Keywords: overindulgence, selfishness, enjoyment

Sticking to the diet could be pretty hard for a few days. Not only do we feel self-indulgent, but our self-discipline is at very low ebb. Our collective tendency is to overdo anything and everything that feels good. We seek pleasure in every form and want to have a good time. Work is going to be a drag when all we want to do is party! We can’t pretend that this is okay. After all, everything King Midas touched turned to gold, but pretty soon he figured out that this wasn’t a good thing. We may grab the brass ring just because we can, but when we reach it, we find we don't really want it after all. Be very cautious of going on spending sprees, engaging in retail therapy or overeating. If we’re still pampering our Inner Child, it’s time to stop, no matter how hard it is during this indulgent transit.

Jupiter square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter square Venus in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Trine Venus

A Positive, Feel-Good Time.

Keywords: exuberant, optimistic, positive

You know how sometimes, when you make a deal, both parties are perfectly satisfied? Well, this is one of those times when that even exchange happens very easily, so go to a flea market or garage sale or make an exchange of services. You’ll both feel as if you got the best end of the bargain. Our propensity now is to follow the path of least resistance. Mediation and negotiation should go well, but watch that any capitulation you make now isn’t too costly down the road. Folks feel more generous than normal and it’s a good idea to donate to a local art museum or ballet company rather than spending the money on something self-indulgent. Be a patron of the arts. Spiritual idealism and increased faith can also bring us to a holy place today. Practice reverence. This influence brings out our affectionate natures, so romance is favored.

Jupiter trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter trine Venus in the Transit Chart

Jupiter Opposite Venus

Can’t Say No.

Keywords: indulgence, excessiveness, fun

Our temptation at this time is to eat and drink till we can't hold any more. We know, somewhere deep inside, that we’ll pay for it tomorrow (with indigestion) as well as later down the line (with weight gain), but somehow that doesn’t seem to matter today. Immediate gratification seems more important in the moment. We'd rather sit around and socialize than work, so it will be hard to get motivated, but motivate we must if we’re to avoid giving in to indulgent and excessive behavior. After work, focus on socializing or meeting up for a date with a someone sweet. Take advantage of the warmth and affection this transit brings. If it’s been awhile since your last haircut or clothes purchase, now is a good time to do these things, but be careful about overspending, another temptation of this ‘can’t-say-no’ energy.

Jupiter opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter opposite Venus in the Transit Chart

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