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Jupiter Trine Uranus

Ahead of Our Time.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: exciting, progressive, open-minded
Frequency: Once every 6 years. Duration: 4 months (seems long! But Jupiter moves average 30 deg. per year: one third = 10 degrees and 4 months)

During the course of this rare and special transit, we are exceptionally future-oriented and visionary. We experience incredible flashes of insight that increase our picture of what the future can and should look like, and it’s a fairly Utopian vision. Our minds absorb knowledge at an unprecedented rate and all types of technological innovations make their appearance, many of which have the distinct purpose of improving life for the masses.

On an individual level, we may invent a tool or program that saves us a lot of time and effort. A sense of discovery and breaking through barriers opens up whole new fields of knowledge for us. We act with freedom and independence at this time, insisting that this basic human right is crucial in re-envisioning the world. We are not afraid to say what we see and this vision can literally shake people awake. Our perceptions are keen and we see things in ways we haven’t before. We're open, tolerant, fair and funny. A refreshing sense of humor and radical way of seeing things lightens us up.

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