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Jupiter Trine Mars

Raring to Go.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: optimism, good cheer, good luck
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

Abundant physical energy is the hallmark of this transit, which comes around once a year and lasts a couple of weeks. We leap out of bed, raring to go. It’s a good idea to get the workout done first thing in the morning, both as an outlet and as a regulator of energy.

That good, clean feeling will last the rest of the day. Our good cheer and enthusiasm about work are infectious. We see the big picture as well as the small stuff and how it all fits together. This is an excellent time for any new business venture or transaction, because we feel principled and optimistic about our endeavors. Success is a very likely result. Is this what they call ‘luck’? After work, with still more energy to spare, we might engage in vigorous athletics or sports of any type. Even a good romp in the bedroom provides an excellent outlet as well as lots of fun.

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