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Jupiter Square Sun


Kelli Fox

Keywords: egotistical, opinionated, pretentious
Frequency: Twice (each) a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Confidence, energy, bounce -- these qualities are evident everywhere this week, probably to excess. In fact, the big problem with this energy is one of inflation. We just don’t know when enough is enough.

Be very careful not to overeat, overreach or be too self-indulgent. The possibility is high that lots of folks will take on too many projects or too much work, in a brief moment of I-can-do-anything mentality. Don’t let this happen! If someone asks you to take on extra work, it’s best to say, ‘Let me think about it and get back to you.’ This will give you time to develop a graceful exit strategy in case you come to your senses and realize that it’s too much for you. Be disciplined in work and use resources wisely. These simple actions will help capitalize on the good of this transit and avoid the bad.

Jupiter square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter square Sun in the Transit Chart

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