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Jupiter Sextile Mars

Can Do!

Kelli Fox

Keywords: exuberant, cheerful, interested
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

Now’s the time to get physical exercise or the workout done first thing in the morning, because the endorphin rush will last all day. When we feel this eager and lively, opportunities seem to flow automatically. Our task is to pick and choose the best ones from the several that come our way.

These two weeks or so are good for all business ventures. Risks we take today will pay off in the future and negotiations seem to go our way too. The energy surge gets us to work early and we make long to-do lists -- which we should modify at lunch, because one of the effects of this transit it to take on too much and overextend ourselves. Nonetheless, energy is abundant, in the bedroom and elsewhere. We feel cheerful and vigorous and can truly enjoy ourselves with some fun adventures if we exercise just a little bit of caution.

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