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Jupiter Opposite Mars

Testosterone Surge.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: aggressive, tactless, rebellious
Frequency: Once every two years. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

Unfortunately, we find ourselves burning the candle at both ends for the two weeks of this transit. Attention wanes, risks are taken and accidents can happen. Even more likely is some type of standoff or head-butting, often about an issue of beliefs or principles.

Usually, we are so convinced we're right, we won't even listen to anyone else. If only we could see how preposterous this is. Not only that, but why waste our breath arguing with someone who’s never going to agree? In order to make progress, both sides have to give in at least a little. It's the only way out of here. If anger raises its ugly head, keep in mind that the force of our reactions may not match the supposed crime. No use hollering over a glass of spilled milk. Physical energy and even aggression surges and wanes now. Try not to overdo or overcompensate.

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