Jupiter-Moon Aspects

Jupiter Conjunct Moon

Uplifted Spirits.

Keywords: optimistic, energetic, self-indulgent

Our spirits are uplifted when the Moon makes her monthly visit to Jupiter. No matter how bad things seem, we’re given a glimpse into a future where life seems a little brighter. Even though this influence is quite fleeting, it can be just enough inspiration to keep us going. We feel refreshed, optimistic and even lucky. Any emotions we’re feeling can be suddenly increased at this time. Our concern extends beyond the personal to a broad social level; we want to contribute and improve conditions for everyone. Teaching or mentoring goes well now, as do family matters, for we are sensitive to each other and willing to listen.

Jupiter conjunct Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter Sextile Moon

Looking Up.

Keywords: happy, fun, connected

During the short influence of this transit we feel happy, upbeat and optimistic for the future. People are kind to each other and extend offers of generosity and goodwill. With this kind of astro-weather going on, it’s pretty easy to reach out and make connections that are meaningful, even if they’re casual. The greater good of all comes into focus, exceeding personal satisfaction. This is a great time to dream about the future and what we want to see happen; the seeds sown now, in good faith, will bear fruit in times to come.

Jupiter sextile Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter Square Moon


Keywords: sentimental, nostalgic, learning

It’s so very easy to overindulge during the short course of this transit. Any sense of self-limitation is thrown out the window and our judgment lapses. Emotions loom larger than normal. Overeating is a particular danger now, but it’s not the only one. Even generosity can turn sour if we give more than we have, or give carelessly. Extravagant purchases that we can ill afford, loud expressions of opinion and feeling superior or judgmental are all possible at this time. Now that we’re aware of it, we can make space for the little voice of reason for these few hours.

Jupiter square Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter Trine Moon

Feeling Great.

Keywords: idealistic, intimate, friendly

Emotions swell during this brief transit and we can easily get carried away by feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia. The past seems like a utopian vision if we remember only the good and turn a blind eye toward the imperfect memories. Instead of looking back, we would do well to peer into the future. Visualizing our dreams and goals will actually get us started on the path toward their fulfillment. We do feel friendly and want to connect with others, particularly with family members and close friends. Self-indulgence is a distinct possibility now. Give in today and pay the price later.

Jupiter trine Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter Opposite Moon

A False Sense of Optimism.

Keywords: questioning, revelations, social

We are imbued with a false sense of optimism for these few hours, and all sorts of things can happen in this short time span. The future suddenly seems so rosy that we feel we can certainly afford the extra piece of cake, that extravagant purchase we’ve been denying ourselves or one more drink (which may well be one too many). We just don’t know when to quit. Exaggerated emotional expression isn’t out of the realm of possibility; nor are demonstrations of extreme and probably intolerant faith. This is a poor time to make business decisions, due to bad judgment and a tendency to overspend.

Jupiter opposite Moon in the Compatibility Chart

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